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tv   Today  NBC  October 1, 2012 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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we'll have a local news update at 7:25. have a great monday morning. breaking news.s. a suicide bomber in afghanistan kills at least 14 people, including three american soldiers as u.s. military deaths in the war surpass 2,000. nbc's richard engel is in afghanistan. ann curry has just traveled inside syria. romney and obama trying to l lower expectations ahead of the first presidential debate. >> he's a debater. i'm just okay. >> but romney backer chris christie didn't get the memo. >> wednesday night the first night of this campaign. >> will this be a game-changer in the election? and "i'm not perfect." arnold schwarzenegger about his failed marriage, his affairs and
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the child he fathered with his house keeper. >> i inflicted pain on maria and unbelievable pain on the kids. >> he prepares to release his tell-all memoir today, monday, october 1st, 2012. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live, from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, welcome to "today" on a monday morning, i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm david gregory in for matt this morning. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the deadly suicide bombing in eastern afghanistan overnight. >> they were targeting a military patrol in a crowded market. as we said, at least 14 people were killed, 3 americans among the dead. dozens were wounded. this comes one day after the u.s. military death toll in the war reached 2,000.
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we're going to get a live report, straight ahead. also coming up, a remarkable story. a mom of three and a former beauty queen suffers a traumatic brain injury. to survive, doctors had to remove part of her skull and you will not believe where they kept it while she recovered. we'll talk to her coming up this morning. all right. and you probably remember the girl we told you about last week, voted to her high school's homecoming court, but it was a prank. well, the big event was this weekend. how did she do? we'll hear from her. the community there really rallying around her. we want to begin with a special nbc news network wide series at the brink. we have two reports, beginning with nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel in kabul, afghanistan. >> reporter: marines in southern afghanistan. they leap on buildings to shoot at the taliban hiding among the mud farmhouses. the taliban are testing marines, because there were 2,000 u.s. troops in this area last year.
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now there are only 200. the surge is over. and the taliban are trying to make a comeback. marine corpsman doc coughlin advances closer to the taliban positions. >> once we got up there, we had a lot better vantage point. >> reporter: then the battle is over. the taliban retreat. but why are u.s. forces still doing this after 11 years? and what has it accomplished? on a humanitarian level, for afghans, some improvement. 3 million girls are in school. the number of primary health care facilities has tripled. the average life expectancy for women is up a staggering 22 years. but this was never sold as a humanitarian mission. and the two main security goals toppling the taliban government and destroying al qaeda bases were both accomplished here a decade ago. and the cost, around $600 billion. $8 billion a month. and there are two more years to go.
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the afghan government of president hamid karzai washington helped put in place is widely considered one of the most corrupt in the world. the u.s. has helped train about 350,000 afghan security forces. the target number. but they're not always loyal. 20% of american combat deaths this year came from afghan forces shooting their american partners. many afghans fear, the government may not be able to hold the country together once u.s. troops leave in 2014. there could be a civil war. >> keep going a little bit more. >> reporter: among u.s. forces, morale remains high. but some are annoyed the war has been ignored in the u.s. presidential campaign. all four of doc coughlin's brothers serve in the military. he's on his second tour in afghanistan. he knows americans aren't talking much about the troops anymore. >> initially when the war kicked off, there was a lot of coverage and a lot of people interested. one way or another, they had very strong opinions. and because it's not new, it's
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fading like pop stars do. >> reporter: fading as the war in afghanistan has drifted in a prolonged nation-building project that has produced a government that shows few signs of long-term stability. and we are learning more about that attack that killed three american soldiers today. military sources say the soldiers were on a foot patrol with afghan police in khost province when they were approached by a suicide bomber apparently from the taliban. he was also on foot when he detonated the explosive, killing the americans. also killing four afghan police. david? >> richard engel in kabul for us this morning. richard, thank you very much. now to another country at the brink. syria, where deadly violence between government rebel forces is raging between those two entities. nbc's ann curry is along the border with turkey after she crossed into the war zone over the weekend. ann, good morning to you. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you, david. good morning, everybody.
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as the war in syria takes a dramatic turn, we cross the border and head toward the war-torn city of aleppo where there is a decisive battle on multiple fronts. at a border crossing from turkey, we walk toward syria. it's pretty calm, actually. but we understand there was an attack four miles from the border and six were killed. and we drove into what is known as free syria and they clearly want it know, they're in charge. but the hold is fragile so we're careful not to make wrong turns. you're saying this is the way you're going to run into the syrian army? >> yes. >> reporter: a government soldier who switched sides drives us on the safest route in, past bombed-out buildings in one town after another, including azaz, now nicknamed the graveyard of tanks. for miles in this northern pocket of territory, checkpoints are controlled by the free syrian army. we saw long bread lines with children.
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refugees escaping in trucks. and three miles from the embattled city of aleppo, smoke rising from a recent air strike. aleppo is now nearly in ruins as the battle rages on multiple fronts. this listed as a world heritage site burned out of control over the weekend. ahmad assage, a local businessman turned rebel commands as many as 2,700 fighters from a villa on the outskirts of aleppo. why is aleppo so strategically important? he tells us, aleppo is the cultural and economic capital and the state relies on it. and he added, he is prepared to die fighting for it. he admits the rebels have far fewer weapons. but, he says, they have a greater will. claiming 500 new recruits volunteer every month. he says they are sent into
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battle after one month's training. this boy says he's 15, but looks younger. the commander insists only those 18 or older are allowed to fight. suddenly, we hear the sound of a war plane. everyone knows to take cover. and as we wait it out, the commander tells us, he could really use a no-fly zone. he says that the u.s. and the world, if they won't give us a no-fly zone, then give us missiles and in two days, this war will be over. fear of air strikes is a major reason why more than 1 million people inside syria are living on the run. more than half of them children, according to the u.n. one held up a photo of a brother said to be killed. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: in a tent, she points to her 11-year-old son
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who was wounded in an aerial bombing. she is saying, what has he done to deserve this? today the planes came back again and he started screaming. i want to ask the pilot, do you not have children? if they want a war, why don't they fight on a front line? and about syria's president, she says, would he like to see his own children wounded before his own eyes? and the war continues unstopped. just this morning, activists said syrian troops bombed a town just four miles from the turkish border. reportedly, 12 people were killed, including five children, and the death toll is expected to rise. david? >> ann curry along the syrian border this morning. ann, thank you so much. you can see much more from these hot spots across the platforms of nbc news today and tonight on "nbc nightly news." we want to get a check of the day's other top stories. natalie morales is at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning, everyone.
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the candidates are making their final push for swing states ahead of the first presidential debate on wednesday. nbc's peter alexander is in boston with more. peter, goo nbc's peter alexander is in boston. good morning. >> reporter: good morning from a windy day in boston. the president had four mock debates. mitt romney had a full fledged dress rehearsal with aides. the president is already out west, both hunkering down ahead of wednesday's show down. making his eighth trip this year, the western battleground of nevada, he saw supporters in vegas. >> i believe in you, i ask you to keep believing in me. i'm asking for your vote. i'm asking you to stand with me. >> reporter: the president is gripping onto a small lead in swing states, including iowa where a poll shows mitt romney trailing by four points. and lists say romney needs to change the trajectory of the
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race. his running mate paul ryan says he is not concerned, even acknowledging campaign mistakes. >> we had missteps. but at the end of the day, the choice is really clear and we're giving people a clear choice. >> governor romney, he is a good debater. i'm just okay. >> reporter: for days, both sides have been tapping down debate expectations. >> we expect governor romney to have a good debate, he's shown to be a good debater through the years. >> sometimes we expect a major break through, the comment that -- that doesn't happen often. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie took a different tact predicting romney would do extraordinarily well and turn the race upside down. >> thursday morning, this race will change. >> reporter: if the president is trying to avoid the campaign next several days, it is tough to do. if he turns on the local news at lakeside resort in henderson, nevada, he will see none other
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than his opponent's wife, ann romney, hosting a rally there tonight. >> peter alexander in boston, thank you. a deadly shooting at a vfw post in central florida left two people dead and another person injured. police say that shooting broke out as riders from a charity motorcycle event were eating breakfast. the incident is under investigation. let's head to wall street, mandy drury is at the stock exchange. >> we closed on a surprisingly good quarter for the stock market. there's caution now we might be ready for pull back in the market, especially if there's renewed weakness on the economic front not just here but globally. as for gasoline, it is a new week, seeing the national average at $3.78 a gallon, two cents lower than a week ago, four cents lower than a month ago. wish it would go quicker to the down side. >> definitely. thanks. the supreme court starts a
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new term today and major rulings on gay marriage and voting rights are on the docket. first up, an argument over affirmative action set to begin later this month. the arrest of a 25-year-old man accused of assaulting lindsey lohan has been voided. police say the charges against former congressional aide christian labella couldn't be substantiated. she claims he grabbed her during an argument over cell phone pictures. a dramatic come back at the last day of the ryder company. the european team made a stunning rally to overtake the americans. mche will roy getting confused on u.s. time zones, nearly missed the tee off time with minutes to spare, even arriving late, he got a critical point to take the europeans to victory. we all know that feeling, david and savannah, but not before a major championship like that.
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>> i know, really going to start without him? >> exactly. we all had that nightmare. natalie, thanks. >> snuck in, changed the clock. mr. roker, check of the weather? >> we have wet weather for our friends down south. upper level low and surface low. we have risk of storms down to mobile and tallahassee. threat of damaging winds, can't rule out a tornado or two. look at the rain already. we have tornado warnings in alabama, enterprise, alabama, and this system making it to the northeast and mid-atlantic over the next 24 hours, bringing a ton of rain. talking anywhere from one to three inches of rain generally. some areas may pick up two to three inches of rain, especially oh, it is going to be hot out west today. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. crystal clear conditions over the greater bay area from high
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atop san bruno mountain. temperatures are going to be a little warmer even than where we ended up yesterday. 103 degrees in livermore, 90 in fremont, 80 degrees in san francisco today. make sure you stay hydrated and cool out there. much cooler days into the weekend. and that's your and that's your latest that's your latest weather. savannah? al, thank you. this morning on today on the trail, a congressional battle in massachusetts, featuring a very familiar name. could another kennedy be headed to congress? nbc's capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell is in newton, massachusetts with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. for the last 65 years, nearly all of that time a member of the kennedy family served in national office. that ended with the passing of ted kennedy and his son patrick choosing to leave congress. now a new generation has stepped forward. this is the campaign headquarters for another kennedy
7:16 am
running for congress. in massachusetts politics, he is no ordinary joe. >> oh, my god, it is joe kennedy on my front doorstep. hi! >> how you doing? >> reporter: going door to door in the rain sunday, he bears a family resemblance and weighty family legacy. >> where do you sit -- >> my grandfather was robert kennedy. >> reporter: he is joseph p. kennedy iii. grandson of robert and ethel kennedy turns 32 this week. >> this is me, i'm running this race. hopefully over the course of the campaign, you have the opportunity to ask voters for their trust, earn their support and eventually their vote. >> reporter: he is a harvard law grad, peace corps volunteer.
7:17 am
now representing suburban boston. >> i have a decade in business, helping grow companies. >> reporter: in a debate televised sunday, he argued kennedy isn't ready and is coasting on the family coat tail. >> i don't think in any other state or district in the country people would consider you're qualified for this office. >> i have a sizable record of public service. >> reporter: joe who introduced a tribute to ted kennedy at the democratic convention. >> for my uncle teddy, politics was always about people. >> reporter: he knows his famous name comes with benefits. >> it is an advantage, i am proud of my family's history of public service. >> reporter: spanning six decades of sometimes a flawed history. jfk went to congress in '47 before the camelot days of the white house. bobby and ted served in the senate. their sons, joe and patrick, in the house. now joe's son who is on the ballot, getting a boost from his grandmother ethel. >> she has been on a number of
7:18 am
campaign stops for me which is always amazing for me. not only the best retail politician i met, she's a pro. >> reporter: that kennedy family name helped him raise money, more than $2.5 million, quite a bit more than his opponent. that's a factor in the race. not much polling in this, savannah, but many think the kennedy name will carry him. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. 18 minutes after the hour. here is david. >> now to a high school sophomore we told you about last week. whitney was named to the homecoming court as a prank by fellow students. she got a chance to stand up to her bullies. kevin tibbles has the story. good morning. >> reporter: the local high school homecoming game drew more attention in west branch, michigan, as the town turned up to support the sophomore as she was the victim of bullying by several other students.
7:19 am
happiness from heartache, as unlikely rises to the heights in rural michigan. >> i changed my mind. came out. >> reporter: last week she went public with the humiliating experience of finding out she was voted onto homecoming court as a cruel joke. under the friday night lights, it was whitney's turn to turn the tables. >> i am excited, i am so happy. >> reporter: days before her jubilant appearance, whitney became emotional when i asked her how she was coping. >> it's very hard to know that i am i guess, how can i put this. >> reporter: she told me she had been bullied over the years. >> people have picked on me, bullied me for my looks, how i did my hair, how i dress, my height.
7:20 am
i guess they thought maybe someone that could be different, someone that's an easy target. >> reporter: this time she pushed through the bad times with help and support from her mom and much of the town. whitney prevailed. her homecoming dress was donated and she got her hair and makeup done for free. before the game, a local company made t-shirts in her favorite color, orange. >> my sense is the bullying has to stop. >> reporter: even opposing teammates signed in support. >> athletics are important, teaches life lessons. this is a bigger life lesson. >> reporter: whitney's mom urged her to soak it in, persevere, and mo importantly, have fun. >> these are for you. >> aw. >> reporter: at the end of a very special weekend, one that could have been filled with sadness, whitney has this advice for other kids who may be the target of bullies. >> the kids that are bullying you, don't let them bring you down. stand up for what you believe
7:21 am
in, go with your heart and go with your gut. that's what i did, look at me now. i am as happy as can be. >> reporter: this story has gotten a lot of attention far beyond the borders of the west branch, michigan. a facebook page in her support has more than 120,000 likes. as for whitney's facebook page, she has been overwhelmed with requests for friends. coming up, arnold schwarzenegger's first interview about the end of his marriage, his affair and his future. first, this is "today."
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it is 7:26. good morning, everybody, i'm jon kelly. this just into our newsroom, a fire that engulfed the cab of a big rig is out. you can see past the tower of the bay bridge, the smoke coming up here. this was shot just moments ago. that cab we're being told caught on fire at the intersection of 7th and middle harbor road. so far no injuries have been reported. for the latest, let's take you to our road warrior. >> this is the bay bridge toll plaza and the backup here obviously a concern. but from the toll plaza you can see that smoke you saw. i have marked it on the map just below where it says interstate 80. it's in the port of oakland again so it's not on 880 or the bay bridge but is clearly visible from the area. that's what the smoke is for. now we're looking at south 880,
7:27 am
very slow from san leandro all the way down into fremont. a series of earlier accidents caused a big backup and it will last all morning. also 680 coming from sunol, heavy volume. and the northbound routes, really slow 101 after an accident at allen rock. also red, i think those temperatures, christina. >> oh, it is so hot for today, good morning to you. i want to start with the reason why. look at how clear it is. you can see for miles. you can see what's left over of that full harvest moon in san francisco and the golden gate bridge, clearly visible here in the background. this is an indication no low clouds, no natural coolant coming off the pacific to keep us mild later on. it's going to be 80 degrees in san francisco. 52 in oakland, 55 to start in sunnyvale. let's take you to your hour-boy-hour forecast for livermore. stop the clock at 1:00 p.m., up to 90 degrees at 1:00. keep on climbing throughout the
7:28 am
heat of the day, which comes in about 3:30, 4:00 p.m. 103 degrees in livermore today. 101 in concord, 80 degrees in san francisco. the good news is, though, jon kelley, temperatures drop off as we head through the middle of the week and then we hit the 70s and maybe showers by the weekend. so lots happening here. >> 25-degree drop. thank you very much, smoking out there. for the latest traffic and news updates, check us out on nbc bay area on facebook. we're pack in a half hour with more local updates. the "today" show rolls on.
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♪ i want to fly like an eagle to the sea ♪ have you ever wanted to see the world just like a bird? well, you have the chance with views that are really spectacular. we'll tell you how they did it, how they captured those views just ahead. pretty cool. 7:30 on a monday morning, the 1st of october already. savannah guthrie, alongside david gregory, in for matt. >> i've always said, you've always been the wind beneath my wings. >> where are we going with this? should we just keep on going? >> i think we should. >> you're the wind beneath my wings, too. >> i just worked that up. the miraculous recovery of a former beauty queen and mom who suffered a near-fatal head injury. doctors had to remove a large piece of her skull to control swelling and kept it in her stomach. but this morning she says she is back to life as usual. we'll meet her in a couple
7:31 am
minutes. >> amazing story. how many times have you been frustrated by the little things in life. there has to be a better way. maybe wax build-up on your candle sticks or the soft cheese that you cut and get stuck to the knife? these are the issues that matter. coming up, answers in a new series we're calling simple, savvy, silly tips. >> you're guiding us through it. >> i hope so. maybe when we learn how to eat a taco correctly. i've done extensive field service. >> arnold schwarzenegger and the affair that doomed his marriage. >> good morning. a lot of people are talking about this story. in his new book, "total recall" and in the "60 minutes" interview, arnold schwarzenegger admits to not only an affair with his house keeper, but also others. including one with a co star of one of his films. he also describes the moment his wife maria this river confronted him.
7:32 am
it was one day after leaving office when maria shriver confront confronted schwarzenegger he fathered a child with his house keeper. >> she said, hey, i think that joseph is your kid. and am i off here on this or not? and i said you're absolutely correct. and i had to face up to that, which i have been kind of hiding. no one knew about. and that i knew about at that point maybe for five, six years or so. >> you just said you're absolutely right? >> i said you're absolutely right, and i'm sorry. and it was very painful for her. she was very disappointed. >> maria asked you, why didn't you tell me? and what did you say? >> that i did not know how to. >> reporter: he admits, maria had confronted him before, but he denied it. >> i think it was the stupidest thing i've done in the whole
7:33 am
relationship. it was terrible. i inflicted tremendous pain on maria and unbelievable pain on the kids. >> your children. >> yeah, exactly. because i had to tell them each about the -- what has happened and how i have screwed up, and -- >> how did that go? >> i asked them for forgiveness. well, they cried. i mean, it was -- it's like it takes you -- tears your heart out. you have to tell them that. >> reporter: but as much as around reveals in the book, he doesn't want to elaborate about his relationship with his and bay evena's son. >> the important thing everyone should know, i take care of him and i take care of her and i fulfill my responsibility. >> reporter: arnold also admits, there were more affairs. when he was living with maria before they were married, he says he had an affair with co
7:34 am
star bridget nielsen when shooting one of his films. >> truly, i did feel bad about it. but all of my various different things, they were mistakes. and there's just -- you know, my failure. my screw-ups. >> was that the only affair? >> no. i had others. but, you know, that's something that's obviously between maria and me. >> she knew? >> yeah. >> so it's a recurring issue. with you. >> i'm not perfect. >> reporter: some say schwarzenegger is releasing the book to hit the reset button on the bad publicity and to relaunch his movie career. >> i'm back! >> reporter: with a role in this year's "expendables ii" and a starring role in "the last stand", arnold at 65 is out to fulfill the promise he made back in 1984 on the big screen. >> i'll be back. >> the audiences are very
7:35 am
forgiving when it comes to stars, if the product on the screen is what they want to see. so if these movies feature arnold schwarzenegger as the audience wants to see him. they're much more likely to forgive the personal stuff. >> reporter: throughout his career, arnold hazard has defied the odds. >> the one and only, arnold schwarzenegger. >> reporter: winning seven mr. olympia titles. becoming a box office giant, despite a thick austrian accent. >> it's not a tumor! not a tumor. >> raise your right hand. >> reporter: and becoming governor of california. but for a man known for always calculating his next step, some of his fans will have to get over his very big misstep. >> one of arnold's big appeals always has been that he appeals to everyone. and right now, he's got some damage that he needs to repair. especially with women movie-goers. >> reporter: we reached out to
7:36 am
maria shriver but she declined to comment. she has failed for divorce. the book is out today, and the movie hits theatres in had january. >> tom llamas, thanks very much this morning. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> thanks very much. a little chilly this morning, right? everybody is a little cold. but let's take a look out west. that's where it's going to be awfully warm. we've got big area of high pressure up in the upper atmosphere. and we've got an offshore flow. that's going to mean record highs for southern california today. take a look at some of these temperatures. downy, california, 19 degrees above normal at 100. los angeles, probably tie or break the record at 100. pasadena, 105. that's 24 degrees above normal. and that heat extends all the way up to san francisco or reno, 90 degrees. 101 in redding. and as we make our way further north, billings, montana, while 77 doesn't seem warm, that's 10 degrees above normal. that's what's going on around 7:36.
7:37 am
back to work monday. today will be the peak of the heat wave. make sure you're ready for that. the bay bridge toll plaza, usually socked in with fog. no clouds to report at this time. as a result of all that sunshine coming in early, it's going to be a hot day. same deal here on the san mateo bridge. as we head throughout the afternoon, temperatures are the hottest in the tri-valley. 103 in livermore and fairfield, 101 in concord, 90 in fremont, 90 oakland and 80 degrees, very warm, in san francisco. a touch cooler as we head through tuesday. kathie lee and hoda at the university of tennessee. you're here! what the heck? it's a swap. very nice. savannah? is. >> al, thank you. hewlett-packard unveiled its entry into the world of tablet computers today, a big moment for the company and its chief executive. ann thompson is in los angeles this morning with that story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. meg whitman is the silicon valley legend. she grew ebay from a start up to an $8 billion behemoth.
7:38 am
two years ago, she took an expensive but unsuccessful turn in the political arena. today she is back in silicon valley at the world's largest technology company, hewlett-packard, trying to revise it and her reputation. >> when i come into an environment like hp, you know what i do? i try to figure out what this company does well, and then could we do more of that? >> reporter: but when they gave her an hp laptop a year ago, meg whitman was not impressed. >> well, i said it was a brick. and i must say, i feel a little badly. but i think they understood what i meant, which is we can do better. >> reporter: today, hp unveils its elite pad, a tablet for business and the centerpiece of a new line of products that combine hp's engineering and whitman's imprint. design. >> maybe that's the biggest change in technology over the last few years, people want something they feel proud to carry, that makes you feel great as a user. >> reporter: it's been a tough first year for whitman. hp
7:39 am
hp's pretty and butter sales fell. whitman is cutting 29,000 jobs. a billionaire in her own right, this is not a job she needs. so why take on this high-stakes challenge? >> yeah. because hp matters. >> reporter: founded by bill hulett and dave pack arrested in a pallo alto garage, hp is the cornerstone of silicon valley. while the founders' side by side offices remain untouched, whitman works out of a cubicle, a page from her days at ebay. do you ever leave here at night, thinking why did i decide to do this? >> no. >> reporter: you like that challenge. >> i think you probably know me well enough to know i take on pretty big challenges. >> reporter: no bigger challenge than running for governor of california two years ago. she spent $144 million of her own money in a nasty battle with jerry brown. >> i am confident that the voters of california will take this episode for what it is.
7:40 am
politics at its worst. >> reporter: what did you learn from that experience? >> that politics is a very tough business. here's what's different. at hp, i have a team. there are products, there's a whole company. in politics, it's just you. >> reporter: as a member of only the second class of women to graduate from princeton, whitman climbed the corporate ladder in some of america's best-known brands. married to neurosurgeon griffith harsh, they raised two sons. in 1997, she smashed through the glass ceiling, hired to run ebay. what advice do you give young women starting their careers today? >> i say follow your passion. we spend a lot of time at work. so we better love what we do. and, you know, the other thing i say to young women, pick your partner really well. >> reporter: the elite pad, this tablet for business, is unveiled today. but it doesn't go on sale until january. it is the first big test for whitman's new vision for hp. savannah?
7:41 am
>> all right, ann thompson in los angeles, thank you. coming up next, how do they do that? a dramatic birds'-eye view of the world. right after this. [ female announcer ] there's surprising news about whole grain. now all general mills big g kid cereals have more whole grain than any other ingredient in cereals like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch, the delicious way to help them grow up strong.
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7:43. you ever wonder what it would be like to fly like a bird? a new documentary is giving viewers the chance to see the world from a bird's-eye view. john, good morning. good to see you. why birds? >> they're the most amazing creatures. they're emotional creatures, far more intelligent than we imagine, and the most amazing thing is they are able to traverse a continent. they see the world as we would like to see it, from the air. >> and so less exotic, less dangerous, certainly. but what an incredible view. >> it's an incredible view. and they're obviously difficult to film so i wanted to be sure we had the technology and way of filming them that could show how amazing these creatures are. >> let's talk about that. talk about the time and the effort and the creativity it took to capture some of these images. >> well, we were four years making this. and all of the time, the technology was catching up with our ambition. so we have many, many ways that we tried to fly or did fly with
7:45 am
birds. we've had birds trained to fly alongside micro leitz. that in itself takes a year to achieve to get birds used to flying alongside micro lites. >> a micro lite being? >> an ultra lite you call it here. it's a machine that they are imprinted on -- or imprinted on the person who flies it. they believe the person who flies it is their mother, that means they're bonded to that person and will go wherever that person goes. the micro lite goes with him. and so he can film from the air, so he can get incredible shots that you couldn't get in any other way. what it does is take you into their world. and this is what "wing planet" is all about, going into the bird's world. >> and what do we see inside their world? one of the things you're actually able to see, and you can do this by putting a camera on the birds themselves. >> absolutely, yeah. >> you can see interaction with other animals, dangerous animals, you wouldn't necessarily get close to, right?
7:46 am
>> that's the whole point of "wing planet," the fact that these birds as they go across continents take you -- >> here is a vulture coming up on a lion going after its prey. unbelievable. >> this is it. and what you're getting from this perspective is how the animals relate to those big creatures. because they're so clever. a vulture has to steal food from a lion, not easy. but when they do it together, they apiece the lion, and eventually he has to leave the prey behind. >> interesting. what else is the bottom line you want people to take away from this, about how they interrelate and how they socialize? >> well, i think what you learn as you -- you view this experience, and it really is an experience, is the whole of their world is interconnected. so you go across the continent and at times across several continents, taking on an amazing journey and shows how all of these incredible spectacles that you see are intertwined.
7:47 am
they're all interlinked. and the birds are our guide through it. >> this is unbelievable. the bird at the helm -- >> this is one of our favorite camera operators. a vulture. and to say they're getting high -- we take them up in a plane and he would fly and glide and give us this incredible view. a view we have never seen before across africa. >> you've got to see it to believe it. john dowder thank you so much. "wing planet" appears on the discovery channel. simple fixes to problems like too tight shoes. and you do it, but what about the family pet? the new law considering making animals wear seat belts, as well. ommitment to the gulf. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs.
7:48 am
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7:50 am
when you drive, it's the law to buckle up. now one state is considering making it a rule to have it for your four-legged friends, as well. mara, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. lots of pet owners take their dogs everywhere, including in the car. but now the rules for taking your pooch for a ride may be changing as new jersey considers a bill that would require seat belts for dogs, claiming it better protects motorists and their pets. at katie's pet depot in northern new jersey, harnesses for dogs are being snapped up almost as quickly as dog bones are. >> they have been very difficult to keep in stock.
7:51 am
>> reporter: increase of sales of these attachments that fit into car seat belts to secure your pooch while you're behind the wheel is due in large part for a proposal for a new jersey law that would require restraints for animals in cars. the proposal is being met with mixed responses from dog owners. >> something more us to spend money on. >> i think it's a good law, smart law. you want to make sure your dogs are harnessed in the car like a person. >> i get the principle, but in reality, it's kind of hard for a dog owner. >> reporter: democratic assembly woman grace spencer, a dog owner herself, proposed the measure and is pushing for the bill to become law. >> it's important animals be restrained in a car, because animals sometimes pose a distraction and hindrance to the operator of the vehicle. animals tend to act like animals. if they're surprised, they're going to move accordingly. >> reporter: according to the proposed bill, drivers found breaking the law would get a $20 ticket or in some cases be charged with animal cruelty and fined up to $1,000.
7:52 am
if enacted, new jersey would have the toughest animal seatbelt law in the country. new jersey governor chris christie says that lawmakers are wasting their time, and vowed he would not sign the bill. >> governor, what's up with this dog seatbelt stuff? >> it's the stupidest thing i've ever heard in my life. >> reporter: according to aaa, about 20% of participants admitted to taking their hands offer the wheel to keep dogs from climbing into the front seat. 31% said they were distracted by their passenger pooch. in recent years, distracted driving has become a serious issue with most passing laws banning texting or talking on the phone while driving. assembly woman spencer says dog distraction is no different than texting while driving. >> i think there is some room for comparison there. they say it takes four seconds for you to be distracted by a text for someone to lose their life. it's in the interest of the driver, the dog, the pedestrian and everyone that uses any roadway here in the state of new jersey.
7:53 am
>> reporter: now, safety experts also point out, in an accident, an unrestrained pet can become a dangerous projectile. another reason proponents say a law like this is necessary. savannah? >> thank you. coming up, a woman who had part of her skull removed and stored in her stomach to recover from a fall. she'll share her story. >> but first, your local news. hey! you kids almost ready? i've got breakfast waiting for you. wooo! uh oh. what? mom's doing her exercise video again. when mom's on a health kick, all of us are.
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it is 7:56. good morning, everybody, i'm jon kelly. this just into our newsroom. the photo of a burned-out cab of a big rig that caught on fire at the port of oakland. firefighters put the flames out within just the last hour at the intersection of 7th an middle harbor road. wow, that one is done. early this morning you could see a plume of smoke that was visible from the camera spanning the bay bridge. no injuries have been reported so far. happy about that. new this morning, a coast guard helicopter searching for two missing fishermen in the waters near pigeon point. neither of those men was wearing a life jacket. those men were swept to sea yesterday during a fishing trip. two men who were also on board that boat had life vests on and they were able to swim safely to shore. now let's get a check on that monday forecast, the very 1st day of october. christina loren here to tell us about it. >> stay hydrated today, jon
7:57 am
kelley, it is going to be a scorcher. feeling like the hottest day of the summer. start with a live picture, a hazy sky over oakland. no low cuds to report. same deal here in saj. spare the air day. you'll vividly see later on this afternoon into this evening, making for a pretty sunset. 103 in fairfield, 103 in livermore, concord 101 degrees and 90 in oakland, 80 in san francisco. if you're sick of the heat it will start to break as we head into the week. temperatures will drop off to the mid-80s by thursday. let's check your drive with mike. this is 101. let's show you the map of the whole south bay. 101 jammed up from 85. 280 slammed all the way through cupertino as well as 85 coming north. as an incident at hayward. traffic control in place, that's very congested on city streets. 880 is a nightmare as well as 101 slow in san mateo. >> for the latest traffic and news updates, check us out on facebook. we are back in a half hour. i moved to new york to work in fashion.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
8:00 this monday morning, the first day of october, 2012. a pretty start to the month here in new york. and we give the crowd a chance to say fall is in the air. >> it does feel like an october morning, mr. roker. >> yes, it does. that's because it is october. the 1st. >> david gregory is here for matt. and here is al roker. coming up, a piece of video you're going to want to see. caught on tape, this time a skateboard racer and a deer. we'll tell you the story behind that. >> oh. >> close encounters. >> the one that got matt. >> wow. >> we all remember that. also, we've been talking about it this morning, a beauty queen mom of three who had this traumatic brain injury and had to remove part of her skull.
8:01 am
unbelievable, they stored it in her stomach. we're going to hear from her and how she is recovering and doing very well. >> that's amazing. and this is an interesting little segment we're going to have coming up. you ever try to eat a blt and then have the bacon slide out? >> yes. because of the mayonnaise. >> exactly. or maybe a new pair of shoes too tight. >> yeah. >> or problems cutting the cheese. have you ever had those problems? we're going to explain to you what simple, savvy, silly solutions, everyday things you need -- >> savannah, profile of her life. things she struggles with. >> every day. >> making the world a better place. >> soft cheese and trying to slice it. >> can't cut it. >> before we get to that, we'll get a check of the top stories with natalie morales. >> good morning, savannah, david and al. good morning, everyone. a suicide bomber killed at least 14 people, including three american soldiers in eastern afghanistan this morning. dozens of civilians were wounded in the attack in coast province
8:02 am
leaving two americans dead, raising the u.s. military death toll for the now 11-year war to 2,000. president obama and mitt romney are preparing for their first debate wednesday in denver. on sunday, president obama tried to downplay expectations. he told a rally in las vegas that he's, quote, just okay at debating. new jersey governor chris christie chose a different tact, predicting that republican nominee mitt romney will, quote, do extraordinarily well. in a rare prison interview, one of the men convicted for the bellway sniper attacks is expressing remorse. lee boyd malvo says i was a monst monster, a thief, stole people's lives. the shooting left at least ten people dead in the washington, d.c. area. the now 27-year-old malvo is serving life without parole. a teenaged girl distressed message sent over twitter has
8:03 am
triggered a police search and drawn worldwide attention. kathryn craig has more from clark, new jersey. good morning, kathryn. >> reporter: natalie, good morning. it started with a message on twitter, a tweet from a teenager who lives in this house that someone was inside the house, and she wrote, call 911. we have the tweet to show and you despite the typo from the teenager, people were absolutely crazy and worried about her safety. cara elongy is nowhere to be found. her parents reported her missing last night and people from all around the world have been tweeting about this. she is 16 years old, the #helpfindcara is in the top ten and trending on twitter and has more than 89,000 followers to her account. people have been here looking for her. police have been to the house. the family has been strangely quiet about this. no comment over the phone. when i telephone the family earlier, also no answer when we knocked on the door.
8:04 am
the bottom line is from the police chief, this teenager, cara elongy is missing. natalie? >> bizarre story. kathryn craig in clark, new jersey, thanks. a quick round of what has you talking online. reports that anne hathaway tied the knot in big surrender, california. she married actor turned jewelry designer adam schulman. she wore a valentino gown and 1920s-inspired head band attached to her veil. >> a terrifying scene going viral on youtube. one competitor going an estimated 40 miles per hour when a deer you see there bolted right in front of them. the head-on collision sent the skateboarder and deer tumbling off the road in a cloud of dust. and the latest gangnam-style parody is out of this world, featuring star trek characters performing the global hit in the
8:05 am
cling-on language. ♪ >> we're told the video references a love triangle familiar to fans of "star trek: the next generation." but you don't have to be a trekies to enjoy it. i think david and savannah, we may have seen them all by now. >> i was going to say -- >> one more time. >> they're playing your song. not in the mood today? >> i was working up to it, yeah. >> you get emotionally prepared to do gangnam style later. we'll turn it over to mr. roker for the weather. >> darn it, i'm a doctor, not a gangnam style doctor. we have these ladies, a girls' weekend from grand rapids? >> yeah. >> what happened? anything you can talk about? rjt no. >> okay.
8:06 am
what happened in the mitten state -- let's see what we've got for you. as we check out our pick city of the day. jacksonville, florida. the "first coast news" afternoon thunderstorms and a high of 89 degrees. looking at the week ahead, much above normal temperatures out west into the plains, great lakes, along the east coast, below normal. down south, where it's going to be on the wet side. the midweek period, a big cooldown coming. snow showers in the upper person plains. warm weather in the east. and as we get to the latter part of the week, a cooldown makes its way to the east. the plains, the great lakes with snow in the upper mississippi river valley. and look for warmer temperatures through the gulf coast. it continues dry out west. that's what's going on . 8:06. taking a live look at a crystal clear shot over san jose. no low clouds. no natural coolant to make for a mild afternoon. temperatures will soar with the sunshine coming in. 101 in concord.
8:07 am
103 in livermore. 80 degrees in san francisco. dress for the hottest day of summer although it is fall. and that's your latest weather. david, when you hear that music, you start perspiring profusely? >> no, i start to feel the music. when we come back here, a story we've been talking about this morning, a former beauty queen and mother had part of her skull removed, stored in her stomach as she is recovering from a severe brain injury. her story after this. wow...
8:08 am
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back now at 8:11 with a beauty queen and survivor. she suffered a fall so severe, doctors were forced to remove part of her skull and they stored it in an unusual place. we'll talk to her in a moment. but first, nbc's diana alvear tells how her spirit and strength amazed her family and medical staff that saved her life. >> reporter: it's a typical saturday morning for nick and jamie hilton, cheering on their son at a soccer game. you would never know, jamie's considered a walking miracle by
8:12 am
the doctors that treated her after her horrific fall. jamie has always been beautiful. even winning mrs. idaho in 2009. >> i've always felt very strongly that physical beauty is directly related to an inner beauty that shines from the inside. >> reporter: that inner beauty was put to the test last june when she fell backward off a fishing pier. >> she fell back and landed all the way down there. >> reporter: in this video shot by her brother-in-law right after she fell, jamie can be seen lying on her side. nick's arms wrapped protect actively around her. he says he knew immediately this was no ordinary fall. >> she didn't have a pulse. she wasn't breathing. and at that moment, i just thought i've got to get her out of here. >> reporter: a three-hour ordeal followed. a boat trip that took jamie to a waiting ambulance which then delivered her to a helicopter that flew her to the nearest hospital. doctors at saint al fonss region
8:13 am
medical center told him they would have to remove part of her skull to ease the swelling on her brain. >> i remember telling my mom, please just her remain in our family. i'll take her however she comes. >> reporter: his prayers were answered. but what came next was a shock for everyone. >> i remember lifting the gown and looking down and just seeing this huge bulge in my stomach and thinking, is this real? obviously, it was not a dream. they really had put the skull in my stomach. >> the body takes care of it, the body takes the bone sterile. and then when you're ready to put that bone back in, you have it right there. >> reporter: it worked exactly it worked exactly as doctors moped. what surprised them was jamie herself. >> she made a fantastic and very early recovery. it amazed a lot of people. >> i do feel like it's caused me to dig deeper into myself and go to a different level of
8:14 am
understanding beauty. my own personal beauty. >> for today, diana alvear, los angeles. >> jamie and nick helton are with us along with ted schwartz, a doctor at cornell here in new york. good morning to all of you. jamie, i see you tearing up a little watching that. >> i avoid the video, i avoid the pictures. so it is testing to see nick taking care of me. >> what a moment do. you remember this accident? >> i don't remember much. he cast the line, handed me the pole, i remember the fish on and pulled back and that's it. i don't remember falling, i don't remember landing. that's it. >> nick, it must have been terrifying. we see that video and just those moments after it happened. what was going through your mind? >> you know, i've said once or
8:15 am
twice before as i watched her fall, i just -- i knew that this was going to be bad. and i wasn't sure if i was screaming her name out loud or just in my name, but i just kept screaming her name over and over again as i looked down on her and realized i had to get down there as soon as i could. >> and jamie, the next thing you're really aware of is when you wake up in the hospital a few days later, not only is part of your skull missing at this point, now you look down and you have this big bump. you laugh about it now, but that must have been terrifying. >> you know, when i woke up i was surrounded by my family, nick, and there was a great feeling in the room. a peace and a joy. and i could feel their joy when i opened my eyes. so there was a good feeling there, which was really good, before they showed me the skull.
8:16 am
of course it was shocking, but i felt so loved. >> at that point they had given her about a 50/50 chance. >> yeah, immediately after the surgery the doctor came out and had given me that prognosis that 50/50 chance, 72 hours were the most critical. >> well, let's get our doctor in here, dr. schwartz, he is not your doctor but this is something you do routinely? >> relatively routinely. the surgery jamie had is a cranioctomy. in order to release the swelling in the brain, when there's severe trauma, the skull is a closed cavity. when the swelling occurs pressure goes up inside the head and it can be dangerous. we removed part of the skull, 25% of the skull as she said, and then we need a place to keep it. and there are a couple different options but one of the best options is to implant that in the abdomen itself. >> inside you're sterile, your body keeps it safe. >> it is not only sterile but it
8:17 am
travels with you. bob woodruff had one done in afghanistan and he was able to travel with the bone in his belly and they could put it back back in the united states. >> that's truly remarkable. jamie, how has the whole experience changed you? >> do i have 25 minutes? no, i think, you know, the biggest change, we all face the morning and decide, how are we going to handle today? and i think the biggest thing that's changed, it is not really a decision anymore. i'm so grateful the minute my feet touch the ground. sorry. i just go make breakfast, and take my kids to school, the things that seemed so mundane before are not mundane anymore. i'm just so grateful and happy. >> jamie, a great reminder. you are truly a miracle. we appreciate you having you here and doctor, thank you for being here, too. >> my pleasure.
8:18 am
>> coming up, we'll tell you some simple, savvy tips from the perfect blt to how to get the wax off your candlesticks right after this. [ male announcer ] 20,000 btus produce a delicate sear. double-oven range makes dinner and dessert -- at the same time. turbo-charged advantium oven cooks more than twice as fast, in this culinary powerhouse. dan. yes? molé sauce. [ male announcer ] with ge's most advanced cooking technology, the café line takes food further. ♪ the café line takes food further. make sure you're there for sears columbus day mattress spectacular. get 36 month special financing. and save up to 60%, plus get an extra 10% off. and free delivery. this is eye opening. this is sears this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup.
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8:22 am
and says what can i do to make the world a better place? we're kicking off this series that could change your life or a way to think about things differently. >> it involves bacon. the next three days, we share tips to tackle some of your daily challenges, big and small. we're calling it the simple, savvy, silly tips for ways to do things smarter. david, gregory, go. >> you like a blt, who doesn't? because you've got the mayo on this, you take a bite, what happens? the bacon flies off. >> wow! you know what? three crew members pounced on that piece of bacon. >> here's what you've got to do. >> someone actually put it in his pocket! >> hey, al, you've got to do a basket weave. i've done these already, as you can see. so what i'm going to do -- >> like martha stewart. >> i'm going to put this down and over here like this. right? and then all -- throw this into the oven, bake it. what happens on the other side? bang!
8:23 am
boom. >> my gosh! >> so what happens, you bite the corner of this, the whole thing goes down. >> you stop throwing -- hand me that. that really would make a fantastic pocket square. so you can nibble. >> i'll get it for you. >> my thing, when you get shoes and they're too tight, here's a way -- take a shoe -- scoot over. the first thing you do, you put on wool socks, two if you can. >> very good look, savannah. >> i know, i know. no one said it would be attractive. you put your socks on, thick socks. two if you can handle it. then you put the shoe on. >> wow. >> oh, my. >> you put the shoe on. >> yeah, and then you start blow-drying it. >> can we get a tight shot of this look? wow, that's a good look. i would rather lose the bacon. >> and there -- that's how you
8:24 am
do that. >> you go to a cocktail party, having a party. and you want to cut the cake or slice that cheese. >> and it's really soft cheese. >> you just get some floss, dental floss. and then just go like this. >> you know what, that's a great idea. >> brilliant. >> and just go through. and guess what? your cake has 35% fewer cavities. and then you just keep doing that. and then you go over to the cheese. and you get chocolate cheese. it's fantastic. see how we can do that? cuts right through. look at that. perfect. >> great idea. >> as somebody pointed out, there are things that have the cheese cutter like the wire. >> i know, but that's not as much fun. everybody has dental floss at home. >> finally, last but not least -- are you okay? hate when the candle wax gets stuck? you can't get the candles out, right? and you can't reuse them?
8:25 am
here's the thing, any sort of nonstick spray, maybe don't put that much in there. >> kind of ruins the look. >> a little less spray, all right? you can also use olive oil and at the end when you're done with your candle, they pop right back out. >> look at that. >> beautiful party trick. >> and then you can do a three-card monty. >> you put the bacon right on top of the -- >> have we made life easier today? >> if you're fogged up, extra bonus. go like this, and it makes the fog disappear. >> your side mirror? >> any mirror. >> everybody knew that. everybody knew that. >> more savvy tips tomorrow. we want your ideas. go to we'll be back after this.
8:26 am
good monday morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the south bay mom that used her daughter as a shoplifting accomplice and abducting her son is in court today. marcy keeland could have an extradition hearing tonight. she allegedly abducted her 11-month-old son. he is okay. prior to that, she was arrested for shoplifting. she and her daughter stole $150 in groceries. she drove off when the safeway employees confronted her and she left her daughter outside the store. let's check the commute. i want to show you what is making it worse in hayward. this is mission boulevard at b
8:27 am
street. that suv literally wrapped around that pole there. i don't know the extent of the injuries. we know there are fire on the scene. this has traffic control in the area making it tough to get through. this is between 238 and 880. slow on the peninsula. the volume kicking in here. back to you. tough way to start a monday morning. we will have the latest on traffic updates on facebook. another local update in a half hour. see you then. good morning! wow.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:30 on monday morning, the first day of october, 2012. and we're outside to say hello to all of the folks who decided to come by and say hello to us on a beautiful, crisp fall morning. good morning, everyone, i'm savannah guthrie alongside al roker, natalie marcellus, david gregory in for matt this week. coming up, we all like to shop. but this next story takes it further. we're going to meet a woman who says she has a shopping addiction. she says she does not know the meaning of the word "browsing" and is now facing a dangerous addiction to shopping.
8:31 am
we'll talk to her, coming up. also, wife of newt gingrich, presidential candidate. she has a new book out for children about america's rich history. we'll talk about that. she might talk a little politics, too. before the big debate coming up. speaking of kids, rosie pope, mom of three and star of "pregnant in heels" is here, she is going to put your mommy iq to the test. and then later, a woman who should do very well on that quiz, by the way, marie osmond, mother of eight, joining us to talk about her new project. she is also going to be joining us in our next hour. >> including our take three segment. >> have you noticed it's a teeny, tiny bit quieter, we are missing our gals kathie lee and hoda. they are at the university of tennessee this morning. guys, good morning to you. ♪ >> can they even hear us? >> a marching band. >> i thought we were going to chat.
8:32 am
>> i don't think so. kathie lee, don't do that. >> clearly throwing a big party. ♪ there's more where that came from. >> there's a big dog with them, too. >> in the meantime, a check of the weather. >> alrighty. let's find out what you've got as far as your weather for today. looking at a risk of strong storms, lower mississippi river valley. the rain up into the mid atlantic states. beautiful in the northwest, record highs in southern california. l.a. probably getting to 100 today. tomorrow a risk of strong storms in the upper mississippi river valley. wet weather along the east coast. sunny and hot weather continues from texas into the southwest. beautiful day tomorrow in the pacific northwest with showers in the northern plains. that's what's going on around back to work monday. looking like it's going to be the hottest day of the heat
8:33 am
wave. feeling like the hottest day of the summer and it's the second monday of fall. look at the live picture. no natural coolant off the pacific to keep us cool. temperatures will soar. 80 in san francisco. 86 degrees in santa cruz. 103 in livermore. if you are sick of the heat, we will take the temperatures down tuesday. don't forget, check your weather any time you need to. go to weather channel on cable or online. >> that's just what i'll do. >> okay. probably different up there. >> i've heard that before. coming up, the life of a shopping addict. we'll meet a woman who is $100,000 in debt. and struggling to change her ways. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ woman ] dear chex cereal,
8:34 am
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back at 8:35 with an intimate look at the life of a compulsive spender. part of "my shopping addiction" a new show on nbc's sister network, oxygen. here is how one woman explains the thrill behind her spending. >> i shop when i'm happy, i shop when i'm sad. i shop when i'm tired. when i'm bored. when i'm mad. >> kim kardashian has nothing on me. omg. what do she have? oh, she's hot! i like to shop. >> marsia hawkins is with us now, along with a licensed clinical psychologist who treats compulsive shoppers on the show. ladies, good morning. marsia, you give us a smile. but this is serious. you feel you have a shopping addiction? >> i definitely have a shopping addiction. every time i go to the store, i pretty much have to spend. >> and as i understand it, you have a shoe collection valued at over $30,000. handbags, $12,500. and your real love, dresses,
8:37 am
$60,000. that could not have happened overnight. >> no. it was progressive. about ten years worth of shopping started working in retail. >> yeah. you got that discount and thought hey, i'm saving money here. >> exactly. >> dr. romney, we heard about dr. drew's rehab program. but shopping addiction. this is a real disorder. >> it very much is. because people are bringing themselves to financial ruin. they're hurtinging their relationships. they can't stop themselves. so this can really bring a life down and create years of debt and really big problems in all areas of their lives. >> marsia, you have such a cute personality, and we saw that in the piece. but do you feel like you understand now what is driving this? what takes it beyond just somebody who enjoys shopping? >> i did. working with dr. romney, i kind of identified the root of the problem and knowing where it started which is when i was in middle school and bullied a lot, didn't fit in with the kids, played violin, accelerated classes and different languages and didn't fit in.
8:38 am
and i realized all the girls that were accepted and were popular were fashionable. they wore the hottest trends and garnished the attention and acceptance of others so i figured how do i fit in and i think that's where it began. >> you started getting positive reinforcement with that. >> i did. >> but how has this affected your life? you found yourself going into debt? has it made problems with your friends and family? >> i definitely have. i got into credit card debt, maxing out all of the credit cards, borrowing money from friends, robbing peter to pay paul. you know, my parents, family members -- >> i heard your parents said when you tried to borrow some money, they said uh-uh, forget it. >> no. they said if you have money to shop, you don't need money from us. >> oxygen, which, of course, has this show on the network, released a poll. part of which only 6% of americans admit they are addicted to shopping. but then if you ask, do you know someone who is addicted to shopping, the number shoots way up. >> that's a very interesting disconnect. and it speaks to how many people don't have insight into the fact that this is a real problem for
8:39 am
them. often until it's too late or someone else points it out to them. >> you ran, marsia, through some exercises. >> oh, yeah. >> give us an example. how do you crack an addiction like this? >> one way to crack an addiction like this is not let people respond in their usual way. go into a store, but don't buy. and marsia, you were not a happy camper when i said you can shop all you want, pull things off the rack, but you're walking out of here empty-handed. that was hard. >> did you find that made a difference? >> i mean, it was hard, because i didn't know that i couldn't spend. she sprung it on me. i thought i had a $500 gift card so i was excited to spend and at the end they said there is no money on this card. i was devastated. >> so what have you had to go through psychologically to get to a better place? and do you think you're doing better now? >> i definitely think i'm doing better. i've actually consolidated all my credit cards so i don't have one credit card to spend. so if i don't have the money in the bank, i don't -- no shopping. which was the biggest step thus far, which was $16,000 already
8:40 am
removed from my debt. >> and dock dor tore, how do you know if you're somebody who likes to shop or have a problem? >> i think if you're out of control, you're thinking about it a lot and it fills up a lot of your time. if a person is shopping four or five times a week, that's a lot. so it's time, money and the people you're affecting. you ask yourself those three questions and there's the answer. >> marsia, and dr. romney, good to have you here. thank you and good luck to you. and a reminder, you can catch the premier of "my shopping addiction" monday night at october 15th, at 11:00, 10:00 central on oxygen. coming up, callista gingrich and her new children's book. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. back at 8:42 with callista gingrich, wife of former presidential candidate newt gingrich, author of children's
8:43 am
books, getting children excited about history with help from an doshl elephant named ellis. book of "land of the pilgrim's pride." >> thanks for having me. >> different from the first how? >> in the first book, "sweet land of liberty," ellis the elephant discoveries pivotal moments of history so children appreciate the greatness of america. in "land of the pilgrim's pride" ellis discoveries the 13 original colonies. >> what is the lure? i think a lot of parents love books about american history for kids, because we would like to be teaching our kids that. is that the great lure for you, that appetite to write about history? >> it is. and unfortunately, there are so few books out there for children between the ages of 4 and 8 that deal with the subject matter of our american history. >> and there's -- there may be some expectation, i know, the former speaker is here with you as the spouse this morning, and he's listening attentively. but we're not going to hear from him this morning.
8:44 am
just sit quietly over there. but this is -- [ laughter ] this is a totally -- this is a balanced approach here. there is no conservative agenda here, and you're talking about history. >> that's right. this is a pro-american book. it's a patriotic book and not meant to be a conservative or republican book. i see this book as a celebration of our pattic values and celebration of our nation. >> it's interesting, because kids are learning about technology in school, moving so quickly. being rooted in the very foundations of the country is important, isn't it? >> absolutely. and knowing about colonial america is vitally important. unfortunately, this is a large period of our history often unknown. and it's really important that our children understand how our nation began, and how our original traits and characteristics as americans were formed. >> and the backbone of our democracy, so are elections. what was it like being on the campaign trail in such a turbulent year? >> it was exhilarating, and we were really blessed to be a part of the process. and i learned two things.
8:45 am
two big things when i was on the campaign trail. the first being that the american people are inherently generous and good, whether or not they agree with you politically. and secondly, that the majority of people are still very optimistic about the future of our country. >> it's important at such a pivotal time. big debate this week. you're no stranger to the debates, as your husband went through 3 or 400 i think during the primary, something like that, right? >> i was at all of them. >> how do you handicap this one? >> well, i think governor romney needs to do very well. this is a very close race. and i think he needs to make the choice obvious to americans. he needs to tell us what he's going to do to create more jobs and create economic recovery. this is a very important evening for him. >> is his back against the wall? is there a sense he's behind and this is sort of his last moment? >> i think he's got a lot of support throughout the country and very good debater and i anticipate he'll do very well. and if he is as assertive and
8:46 am
direct as he was with newt in florida, he'll be just fine. >> probably good advice. again, the book is called "land of the pilgrim's pride." callista gingrich, thank you very much. andim could go coming up next, what is your mommy iq? a quiz from rosie cope. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i need your help... i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. well...everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe
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back at 8:48. she has been pregnant in heels three times and now rosie pope is sharing her knowledge in her new book, "mommy iq: the complete guide to pregnancy." she is here to talk about that and the special quiz she created for our "today" website. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> are you ready to rock? >> i'm ready to rock. >> i'm enjoying this rocking chair too much. you have three kids at home, tv show. now a book. why did you think it was important to write this book? >> i have an amazing access to a lot of experts from the best ob-gyns and best fitness trainers and so i wanted to mary them and provide everything. >> do you think most women have the basics down when it comes to pregnancy or do you think they enter it and think, this is all pretty shocking? >> i think if they really trust their instincts, they do, but everybody wants to do the best
8:49 am
job. you want to be a good parents and take care of your baby. the anxiety is overwhelming. and if you have a book, you can feel confident and be equipped to be a parents. >> mommies know how to multitask. you actually tweeted through your last delivery? >> i've got to say, my third delivery was easier than my first. i don't think i could have done it the first time round. >> dare i ask what you were tweeting about? >> i was trying to explain the process, because so many of our fans and our clients really want to know what really happens during labor. so i let them know. >> love it. all right. let's get to the mommy iq test you created. the first question is, for a healthy pregnant woman, how many extra calories should she consume per day in the first and second trimester. we had a., 500 to 700. b., 300 to 500. and c., 100 to 300. the majority of our viewers said b., but the answer is? >> it's actually 100 to 300 calories. >> wow. what happened to eating for two? >> i know. the truth is, i really do think pregnancy is not a type to skip
8:50 am
so you should indulge every now and again but not go overboard. >> when should women take foe lick acid? a., when you're pregnant, b., one year before pregnancy. c., at least one to two months before pregnancy. most of our voters said c. is that correct? >> they got that right. it's really important to start taking it before you get pregnant, not when you get to the doctor's office, which is what a lot of people used to do. >> so if you're trying to have a baby, start taking that folic acid. we find it in, what, broccoli? >> leafy greens, dark green. >> on to leg cramps. question is, why do pregnant women often get leg cramps? a., because leg muscles are und underused. b., increased blood supply increases or c. nobody knows. >> nobody knows. >> really? >> towards the end of the pregnancy, women will get severe leg cramps. it's important to get up, walk around and get lots of water.
8:51 am
>> isn't it because you're carrying extra weight and hard of on the legs? >> maybe. >> i'm no doctor, but that seems logical to me. on to delivery. when should a woman in labor come to the hospital? a., when contractions are two minutes apart, or lasting one minute over one hour. b., contractions are five minutes apart, lasting one minute over one hour. or c., contractions are one minute apart, lasting one minute over one hour. >> the answer is b. five minutes apart, lasting for one minute over the course of an hour. >> okay. lastly, a question a lot of people wonder, on average. >> how long does a woman's breast milk come in post birth. a., immediately. b., one day. or c., three to five days. i would think immediately, isn't the baby hungry? >> no, so immediately you get something called colous trum. >> before we let you go, favorite treats for mommies. >> luna bars are full of folic acid and a great snack. i travel a lot with my kids and
8:52 am
often not a place to eat like airports. ginger candy is great for nausea. great stretch mark cream, even if you're not sure if it works, great for itchy skin. and a polish so you can look glamorous while pregnant. >> full of facts and information. the book again is called "mommy iq." guys, over to you. >> thanks very much. we have birthday wishes from our good friend mr. willard scott. hey, willard. >> i love to wish happy birthdays. i like birthday cakes and birthday ice cream. take a look. robert deaplain, jackson, new jersey. he says the secret to longevity is 77 years with the woman he loves most in the whole world. you know that's right? don't you wish somebody would say that about you? is anyway. dorothy kennedy of lansing, michigan is active at her church and devoted to helping other people at all times. happy birthday. how sweet it is.
8:53 am
the lovely lee winters. she is from east meadow, new york. 100 years old and says that she loves springtime and happiness and good people and especially feeling young. take a look, if you will, i like that name, herman weinberg. wonderful name, folks. herman weinberg from beachwood, ohio. 100 years old today. loves astronomy and spending time in his garden. older people love gardening, makes them live longer. margaret walek of wayne, new jersey, 100 years old today, enjoys crossword puzzles, and does the cha cha cha. moises mina from delano, california, 103 years old today. proud world war veteran.
8:54 am
now back to new york city. >> thank you very much. >> we want to check in with kathie lee and hoda in knoxville on the campus of the university of tennessee. ladies, good morning. you look great in orange. >> morning! woo! >> how is it going, what do you have planned? >> that's the show right there. >> that will be the whole show. >> thousands of kids have skipped school. and we have -- >> that's my favorite sign. amazing signs. you know what, it's just -- reflects what's going on in our culture. parents everywhere should be very upset their money is being wasted! >> we love the sign of hoda with the big hair. >> my favorite. you know what?
8:55 am
i want to tell you -- real name is diane. holding the sign, and as far as i'm concerned, diane is dead. >> whoa! >> that's a real -- >> new sign monday. >> show up to our show, one of you will die. >> but you'll have a good time. >> yeah. >> whew-hoo. >> one of you will deserve it. what's the food like, guys? >> you know what? we haven't eaten anything yet. we don't tailgate until later on. >> you don't understand our show, al roker. >> okay, what's the wine like? >> it's a dry campus. >> i know. >> yeah, i'm sure you guys are sober. >> shame on you for thinking otherwise. awful. >> let's see diane's sign again? >> we have been offered a libation or two. but we have said no, doggone it. >> one of life's delicious little ironies, dry campus. >> diane, it's over. we're breaking up.
8:56 am
>> kathie lee and hoda. have a great show, ladies. >> marie osmond, coming up. good monday morning. 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. san francisco's plastic bag ban expands today. in 2007, san francisco passed a law prohibiting stores from using plastic bags. all retailers will be banned and they will charge 10 cents for those given out. you have to find a cool place to try to cool off today,
8:57 am
christina. you might want to find shade under a bag today. a live picture of alcatraz. winds are sloping down. that brings temperatures into the triple digits. 90s bay side. ii don't know - maybe. the fried cheese melt is back for just 4 bucks. 1 of 4 big 4-dollar meals on the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. open all night.
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back now with more of "today" on this beautiful monday morning. it's the first day of october, 2012. a chilly morning here at rockefeller plaza. we say hello. good morning, again, i'm vannah guthrie alongside david gregory in nor for matt. we have al roker here as well. and we have maria osmond. she is a legend, done it all, in movies, sings, and now adding daytime talk show host. >> it is exciting. >> can you hear me? >> we can. >> i'm whispering, thinking i'm just on a head shot. >> no, you have your microphone on. >> you guys look great out there. is it cold? >> brisk. >> we're going to join you in a
9:01 am
couple moments. >> i'm excited. >> cool. >> also, it's the 1st of october, so supreme court decision coming down. that's important. we're also going to share some of the best buys and bargains. we have a lot of great deals. >> anthony scalia wants that doll. and really -- actually, he's from xavier high school, as well. alma mater. really cool new inventions. how about this, a tire that checks its own pressure? how about this robotic arm you control with your mind? >> come on. ♪ woo-oo >> how about that? >> can it core an apple? >> or slice the cheese? before we get to that, let's get to natalie morales with a check of the day's top stories. >> good morning again, everyone. a suicide bombing this morning in eastern afghanistan has killed at least 14 people,
9:02 am
including 3 american troops and their translateser. this after two americans were killed on sunday. bringing the 11-year war to a somber milestone. the number of u.s. troops killed in afghanistan now tops 2,000. the candidates are making their final push for swing states ahead of the first presidential debate wednesday. the president has a small lead in battleground states, but trying to keep expectations low for his debate performance, saying he is just an okay debater. new jersey governor chris christie chose a different tact, predicting that republican nominee mitt romney will do, quote, extraordinarily well. a deadly shooting has left two people dead and another person injured. police say the shooting broke out as riders from a charity motorcycle event were eating breakfast. the incident is now under investigation. actor and former california governor arnold schwarzenegger admits his affair with the housekeeper was not the only time he was unfaithful to maria shriver.
9:03 am
in a "60 minutes" interview, arnold says he had an affair with bridget nielsen while living with shriver before they were married. he said there were others, but that's between him and shriver. arnold says his affair with housekeeper mildred baena was the stupidest thing he ever did to shriver. he doesn't give details about his relationship with baena, only saying he takes care of the boy and the mother. the threat of carmageddon ii is over. the stretch over 405 reopened in time for this morning's rush hour. it had been closed all weekend for a bridge upgrade. any delays could have resulted in huge traffic problems. a similar closure last year also raised fears of a massive traffic meltdown. the arrest of a 25-year-old man accused of assaulting lindsay lohan has been voided. police say the charges against former congressional aide christian labella could not be substantiated. lohan claims labella grabbed her
9:04 am
during an argument over cell phone pictures. it was a monstrously good weekend at the box office for "hotel transylvania." it took in had $43 million, the most ever for a september debut. "looper" was runner up and last week's champion, "end of watch" fell to third place. and how do our favorite pop stars hold up? ellen send one of her writers into a local costco with instructions she could only speak to people using famous song lyrics. turns out, it didn't go over so well. >> i just met you, i know this is crazy. but here's my number. call me, maybe. >> i don't speak english. >> call me maybe. call me maybe. >> oh, i think we all learned one thing from that. there's at least one lucky person out there who hasn't heard of "call me maybe." that is great. that is fantastic.
9:05 am
five minutes past the hour right now. let's go over to al with a check of the weather. >> you know, that happened to me today. let's see what's going on as far as your weather. we have some severe weather to talk about down south. tallahassee over to mobile, as far north as huntsville, a risk of strong storms, isolated tornado, damaging winds and a lot of rain. look at all of the rain firing up. earlier this morning, tornado warnings throughout central alabama. and you can see over the next 24 hours, that system makes its way to the north, spreading rain up into the mid atlantic states and later on tomorrow, into the northeast. rainfall amounts anywhere from 3 to 5 inches stretching from mobile on up into charlotte, virginia. let's take -- charlotte, north carolina, i should say. that's well, this is what happens when you have no low cloud cover to start. temperatures just as warm in san francisco as oakland, concord and livermore. headed to a hot day. temperatures and pollution have prompted a spare the air day. you want to keep that in mind
9:06 am
today. limit your outdoor activity. 90 in oakland. 80 in san francisco today. time now for today's take three where we give our take on three topics that have caught our attention, hence the title. and our special guest this morning, entertainment legend and talk show host marie osmond. >> how can you do talk three if there's four of us? >> we share. >> commentary? >> you're the bonus. >> actually, marie, we were thinking, you are known for sometimes wearing a flower in your hair, which i think we have a picture. >> in the '70s. i was the one that skimmed my hair back and put the flower. >> natalie morales wears one in her hair. >> oh, please. >> wow. that's nice. >> caught me off guard. she does all of her fashion work at staples. >> where did you buy that,
9:07 am
staples? >> it's the bangs. i wanted to put them back so i can see. >> wow. >> okay. >> taking the flower thing to the extreme. >> so you're young enough to -- you started performing when you were 3. >> i did. >> justin bieber -- >> i'm 9 now. >> there you go. >> so justin bieber, big young performer, got sick. >> i heard he threw up on stage or something, didn't he? >> and the show must go on. >> leave it to bieber. >> yeah. right. >> nice. >> i think every entertainer has gone through that at some point. but you know, wasn't it impressive that he actually went back on stage? >> i know. >> you hear a lot of times where people don't like the sound or this, and they say i'm leaving. and to me he showed a real professional. he's loved it -- he started young. i think he was 4. but the fact that he came back out. all those fans sitting there waiting to see him and he didn't disappoint. i thought it was cool. >> by the way, this day and age, it was captured on video, but we are not showing it.
9:08 am
>> he did it on the stage. >> twice. >> i've always ran off. i think it's good to run off, if you can. he said he apparently had too much milk along -- >> oh, i've had that happen. >> exactly. >> one milk too many. what's the worst thing that ever happened to you on stage? >> the worst thing? >> yeah. >> working with donny. >> oh, wow! didn't see that coming? . >> we'll have that on tomorrow. you know what? i think everything -- >> probably the worst was "sound of music" and singing -- and all the kids start laughing. working with kids is difficult. but i looked down and there was this puddle that just kept growing. and one of the little girls forgot to empty her bladder before the show. >> it was worse for her, i'm sure. >> singing in the rain. >> oh! she's here until thursday. >> let me show this video. this is from russia, amazing,
9:09 am
going viral, of course. it's an suv driving down the road when suddenly, you'll see this. >> wow. >> a strike of lightning. al, you're our meteorologist. i thought you were supposed to be safe from lightning in a car. >> no, the thing that makes you safe, if you do survive a lightning strike in a car is the tires help ground the vehicle. but i've never seen a district hit -- >> like that. >> was the passenger hurt? is. >> i don't think so. >> apparently not. >> and the guy kept driving. that's the best part. >> they say lightning goes through. have you ever been around lightning when it went through? >> i actually was on a plane, and we had seen "elmo's fire" in the plane. it was on the show. >> the movie playing on the plane? >> exactly, yes. we actually had molly ringwald -- no. we actually had st. elmo's fire in the plane -- on a shuttle from washington to new york. >> that's crazy. >> i would not want to be on a plane. i think i've seen it get close to the plane. >> everybody got very quiet. >> i can imagine.
9:10 am
>> next, wha our eggs say about our personality. apparently the way we eat our eggs. >> it says a lot about who you are as a person. so before i tell you what those personality traits are, let me do a quick poll. savannah? >> scrambled. >> fried over easy. >> you know what they say about those guys who like them fried overeasy. i like them poached, scrambled. >> i like fried eggs. i also like poached eggs. >> okay. >> watch, this is going to tell us something horrible, isn't it? >> sure. >> nobody said boiled. that would mean our disorganized. poached, outgoing. fried eggs, high sex drive, al. and is marie -- >> okay. >> and marie -- >> see you after the show. >> savannah, guarded. omelette eaters, very self disciplined. >> that makes no sense. >> you know what, but it's fun. and to go -- >> means you're hungry, that's what i think it means. >> i think so too. >> and then our bonus here.
9:11 am
we were talking about the -- >> forget the eggs, right? >> a bacon shortage. >> allegedly. >> so we've got all of these different -- >> is there really a bacon shortage? >> supposedly. >> because of the drought, you know, the corn, prices have gone up. >> oh, shut up. >> shut the front door. >> look at that. >> there's bacon everything. from turkey bacon, chicken bacon. this is the -- i don't even know what kind of processed whatever bacon. >> bacon mints. >> you know what? if it you have veneers, it won't hurt your porcelain. >> that's disgusting. >> oh, my goodness. >> that's pretty good. >> meanwhile -- >> bacon soap. >> this is a bacon lollipop. i like the name, man bait. maple bacon lollipop. >> this is if you have cracked lips. >> that's right. this one is tomato and one with mayo. >> who is going to lather themselves up with bacon soap? >> not me.
9:12 am
if you're trying to attract a man, maybe. >> bacon beer. >> oh, that's awful. >> should we try our bacon beer? >> isn't it gross? >> marie, here is to your new show. >> okay, cheers, everyone. >> okay. >> we'll try it for you. it's bacon beer, apparently -- >> voodoo doughnuts. >> somebody would like it. try t al. >> oh, man! >> strange after taste. >> some con, al, let's go hang out after we brush our teeth. >> the best things to buy in october and where to find them, coming up after this. [ female announcer ] it's rough when people think you're only good at one thing. when they label you all shine and no substance. well, there's more to me than that. i can handle splatters and spills. ♪ i even kill bacteria. i shine and clean just about any surface i meet.
9:13 am
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9:14 am
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9:16 am
first day of october, and we're kicking off a new monthly series called "the best things to buy". at the start of every month, we'll give you the scoop on where the deals and bargains can be found. we all need to save money these days. elizabeth mayhew is lifestyle expert and "today" contributor. marie osmond will help out, as well. you're a bargain shopper. >> nine kids in my family, my parents were very poor and i have eight kids so my family is bargain hunters, coupon users. we were saying we like it, because then you can buy nice shoes. >> there you go. >> all the money you save. save on some things and buy in others. let's talk about how stores come up with monthly plans and how they stock up. >> first of all, october, columbus day, that is a huge, huge selling time. a lot of it has to do with when their new merchandise comes in and seasons end. so if you think about it, we're ending summer, which is why you can get a lot of summer things very inexpensively now. so let's start with the outdoor
9:17 am
furniture. air conditioners, grills. >> you actually see the sales when they first announce or more after the sales? >> this is the thing. it's limited stock so the faster you get there, the better off you're going to be. so sears, for example. 50% -- up to 50% off on things like grills and outdoor furniture, plus throwing in free delivery. limited supply, but act now. another thing that's interesting, samples club. if you're a member has just introduced an auction online. so everything they have -- take this umbrella, market umbrella. starts at $1. bidding goes up from there. >> what? >> one of these just sold for $21. so it's a great deal. you just have to get online, go on their auction -- >> like being in vegas. >> and you have to be a member. >> come on over here, marie. plants. plants and shrubs. there you go. >> a lot of people think of the planting season is finished, once your yard looks great foresummer. this is a great time to buy plants, particularly if you're planting for the spring. so bulbs, a place like white
9:18 am
flower farm is a great online source, bulbs 25% off. some perennials up to 50% off. there is another great website called nature hills, they've got 20% off on trees, plus if you spend $99, free delivery. trees are expensive. >> do you store these inside? >> this is about zoning and where you live. just another point. home depot has a lot of great sales too. >> bulbs can stay too. >> bulbs you want to plant now. >> it has -- nothing is frozen yet, so you're -- >> you've got time. >> let's talk about kitchen accessories. and pots and pans. >> okay. >> now is the time to stock up. >> we are really gearing up for the holiday season. if you need something, now is the time to get it. >> i want it all! up to 40% off on bake ware, serve ware, ema'am he will ware. macy's is doing 30% off on
9:19 am
mixers, which those are quite expensive. also 40% off on blenders and juicers. and then amazon is doing what they call crocktober, the month to buy your crock pot. do you like slow cooking? >> i am slow at everything. >> so they've got really great deals. and plus they're throwing in rebates. so good price. >> a family like mine? you have to have a big pot. >> perfect, i know. okay. now, toys. >> this is the time to buy and stock up for the who will day, as well. >> this is the big toy kickoff, all of the lists have come out with the hot toys. certain retailers getting ahead of the game. for example, this is just being announced right now, haven't come out and said it. at walmart, walmart on tuesdays leading up until christmas is having their toyland tuesday. so certain toys will be rolled back. it's a lot of the hottest toys you can expect to save anywhere from 5 to $10 on a toy. so watch out for tuesdays.
9:20 am
and you can get your good deals and stock up the christmas closet. >> excellent. >> okay. now june is still several months away, typically the month where people tie the knot. but october is a good time to do that, as well. and also stock up on wedding stuff, right? >> this is the time when you -- if you are going to get married and think about it, you are heading into the off season months. so venues tend to go down. i talk to everyone from the drake hotel in chicago to smaller venues like the and dover inn in massachusetts, saving 20 to 35% on your venue. and let me remind you, in terms of wedding presents, you can go for sales i talked about in terms of all that -- it's a good time -- if you are thinking about getting married, to get married. >> okay. what about clothing? i know. what do we do? back to school was, you know, obviously the beginning of this month. so now a lot of -- apparently retailers are putting that stuff on sale? >> back to school is a big huge jean month in particular so a
9:21 am
lot of retailers are putting their jeans because they've got to get rid of the old. air pass tell has 50% in the next two weeks on all of their jeans. kohls on their lines from lauren conrad, simply vera, all of them are on sale. and then old navy is doing a huge deal where all of their rock star jeans are $19. they were $34.50. now they're down to $19 through the 3rd. and also just to again reiterate how huge -- columbus day is one of the better sale dates. so it's not like you're going to be getting ripped off. is really is legit. and if you think about it, it's not until black friday you're going to have those same kind of deals. so -- >> take advantage. >> we'll take advantage. there are special things -- take this pea coat. it's only $15 for one day, which is october 6th at old navy. normally they come in sizes for the whole family. so they range up to $49 to $19. now they're all $15. so our going to find deals like
9:22 am
that. you can get your whole family one for christmas. >> $15 for that coat. >> that's a bargain. >> 25,000 to buy for. >> think of all the shoes you can buy. >> yes! >> thanks so much. coming up, five of the most cutting-edge inventions. but first, these messages. doorbell rings ] donuts? ♪ [ chuckles ] ♪ you're cute. ♪ [ door creaks, closes ] [ female announcer ] the protein effect. new special k protein cereal. with ten grams of protein and three grams of fiber... finally, a protein cereal to help keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? ♪ you are exactly one of a kind ♪
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9:25 am
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good monday morning. 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the coast guard is continuing its search around the clock for two missing boaters that capsized near pigeon point. two men were wearing life jackets and swam to shore. the other two are still missing this morning. the coast guard searched the water by helicopter and boat overnight. someone in the bay area is waking up this morning a millionaire. there were two winning lotto tickets on saturday night. one sold at the oceanside in milpitas. the other in lake county. both winners will take home about $10.3 million. those stores that sold the tickets will get $70,000 each. not bad. the a's magic number is now
9:27 am
one. they need one more win to clinch a playoff spot which could come today against the texas rangers. they could make it if the angels and rays each lose a game. tonight's home game gets under way at 7:05. go a's. we will have a look at weather and traffic after this.
9:28 am
if you are just waking up and joining us, temperatures are close to 80 degrees in some cities. it will be a scorcher. you can see the reason why. san bruno with no low clouds. look at the temperatures. 71 in concord. 67 in oakland. 67 in san francisco. gilroy is the hot spot at 75. it is a spare the air day. we have an unhealthy day out the there. cooler and cloudy weather arrives into the weekend.
9:29 am
let's check the drive with mike. here is the bay bridge on the maps. slow down to the east shore freeway. no major accidents approaching that direction. south 880, smooth drive through hayward. slow through fremont and funneling down through 680. northbound route still trying to recover from the early morning onslaught. look at that as well as 85. laura, back to you. thank you for joining us. another local news update coming up in a half hour. have a great monday.
9:30 am
♪ >> discovered as a 10-year-old on "america's got talent" now at the ripe old age of 12, jackie evancho is coming out with a new album of songs. such a disconnect that voice. she is going to be here live tomorrow on "today." >> she is so beautiful. what a voice. >> my gosh. i'm al roker along with natalie morales and savannah guthrie and coming up, a woman who has got jackie beat, starting her career at just 3 years old. >> that's right. america has loved her ever since. marie osmond, part of the legendary show, a lot of the years and now has a new talk show. so we've got a lot to catch up about.
9:31 am
>> also, cutting-edge inventions that have made major breakthroughs in automobiles and photography. we're going to show some award-winners. >> a tire cut out. how does that roll? amazing. >> i know! and then in "today's"'s kitchen, family recipe from food writer tom parker bohls, stepson of prince charles. he's going to show the proper way to make crab cakes. >> kicking off our quest for the best, halloween. we're on a nationwide search for the most creative and original home made halloween get-ups. so go to and submit a photo of yourself, wearing your crafty creation. the costume must be your own handy work. >> if it's good enough, maybe we'll wear it for halloween. the top three finalists win a trip to new york city for our biggest quest for the prize yet,
9:32 am
the chance to take part in our "today"el halloween celebration on the plaza. so you will get to be here. >> that music gets us in the mood. we want to check in with our pals kathie lee and hoda on the campus of the university of tennessee in knoxville, hosting next hour live. >> oh-oh. >> i was going to say, what's coming up? but we see what's coming up. >> oh! we're up. >> did you learn the fight song yet, ladies? >> all right. you guys, we have a terrific show coming up. we have performances. >> ambush makeover for some of the professors. and tailgating. and then we're going to do a test of are we smarter than a college student? >> wow.
9:33 am
>> volunteers -- >> we have to wrap this up, because that guy's thighs are burning right now. can't hold them any longer. see you next hour. >> how about a check of the weather, al? >> all right. let's see what's happening. we start off with our week ahead. it's going to be warm around much of the country, below normal temperatures through the lower mississippi river valley, heavily raining. as we get to the midweek period, we continue the heat in the east and out west. but a front brings in much cooler conditions in the central and northern plains. and then the latter part of the week, that colder air spreads across the country into the east. warm from the southwest, gulf coast into the southeast. live picture of san francisco. looks like a hot july afternoon. hard to believe it is the first day of october. we're in fall and temperatures are going to soar today. 80 in the city.
9:34 am
90 in oakland. 101 in concord. 94 in san jose. make sure you have your ac ready to go in gilroy. 102 degrees there. temperatures will drop off into the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right. coming up next, marie osmond has a new gig. we're going to talk about that with her. right after this. here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ]
9:35 am
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9:38 am
hard to believe marie osmond has been entertaining us for over five decades. >> i don't want you to say that! oh my goodness. >> she made her tv debut on "the andy williams' show" when she was 3. now her new talk show "marie" premiers today. >> today! >> that's right, your legendary first guest, betty white. >> i know! >> take a look. >> look at this beautiful house you bought! oh, it's lovely. >> hallmark bought it for me. >> they did? >> yeah. >> o is there anything you want to tell me? >> no, i like -- you would tell me a lot of things, betty. >> no, but they just bought it for you, you didn't have to do anything. >> no, i just said i wanted to talk to you, and they said this is for betty. >> oh! >> isn't she cute. >> she is the best. it's hard to believe, but here you are, this -- another chapter in your career. in fact, take a look. this is the headline of "usa
9:39 am
today." it says -- "usa today," the weekend edition. >> wow! i haven't seen that yet. >> pretty cool. >> how sweet. you know, it's lovely. when betty -- she started out in talk. she used to do five hours before they had scripts and prompters and everything else. and, you know, i sat in that other chair now for five decades of being the person that you -- that is interviewed. and it's really fun, al, to be in that other position. the show is very different. we do ten 11-minute segments. we have people really talk. and you know how it is. it's like get the book in, get the movie, in tell a funny and you're out there. it's not that way. we laugh a lot. it's very -- it's topical. i have said, it's more -- it's not so much about the red carpet. it's helping women walk that red carpet in their own life. and helping them feel completed as women, not so much competing against each other. it's been so much fun. >> you talk about competing against other women. you've got katie couric doing
9:40 am
the show, ricki lake, all those folks. it's a crowded genre. how do you make a difference? >> look at you, al? how do you make a difference? it's you. it's al. how do i make it different? i come from a perspective of, oh, yeah, i've been on the bus. i've done the broadway stage. oh, yeah, let's talk about writing a book. i've been in that other chair. it's -- i don't think it's crowded. we have so many stations, a lot of programs to fill. but i think it really is about the person. i did -- dina shore, wasn't she lovely? mike douglas, merv griffin. i did all those shows. i've worked with those people. lucille ball, groucho marx. we debuted britney spears. christina aguilera on "the donny and marie show." i love to give people a shot. here they're like -- carney wilson came on and the producers talking about her weight and her eating and, no, that's not
9:41 am
carney. even though carney and i are different, we're very similar. we have the coolest interview with carney, you have to watch it. >> you talk about your life. you have dealt with so much. suicide of your son, postpartum depression battle, your you're a mom to eight. >> yes, eight is enough. >> how does that shape you as a talk show host? >> do you know, i think there is a relatability. it's very fascinating, some of the people, because we shot a couple shows, and it looks like a house, it's fun. but so far, we've had people talk about eating disorders that they have never talked about and they felt safe. another person talked about how they grew up as a hoarder and what that do to them and morphed into their work and entertainment. i have a lot of real people on too. i think real people are fascinating. i've learned some of the greatest things i've learned in life are from my real friends. and i don't know. it's -- i want it to be kind of like that backyard fence where mothers used to hang their laundry and talk.
9:42 am
that's what i want this show to be. we'll see. i'm so grateful to hallmark for giving me this opportunity. tom bergeron did the show, and of course i passed out on "dancing with the stars" and in his book the first thing was about me passing out. and he said it's funny, you said "oh crap." and i said tom, you this is hallmark, you can't say crap, you'll get bleeped. and i said i just said it too. >> great to see you. >> i want to hear about your book. you come on my show and talk about it. i would love to. >> "marie" airs today on hallmark at 12 noon pacific, 11:00 a.m. central time. coming up, inventions you've got to see to believe. [ female announcer ] those who look to fuel body and mind with the simplest of grains, they are not hard to find. just four ingredients, it all starts here. just as it was back 100 years. from the seed to the spoon,
9:43 am
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9:46 am
to our kraft natural cheese to make it creamier so whatever you make isn't just good, it's amazing. ♪ amazing with the love that i found ♪ ♪ this morning on today's tech, break through inventions of 2012. he had tore of "popular mechanics" has the breakthrough awards. good morning, glen. >> good morning. >> wild stuff. starting off with first the cube 3-d printer. we're not talking about making copies here, right? >> no, this is like your normal desk top printer, but in 3-d. it uses plastic to create models of things. you can take pictures of things and make 3-d cad models and prohibit them at home. and you can buy virtual products and print them at home. >> so right now it's making an iphone cover, case, but these are all things it made.
9:47 am
these napkin rings. these -- i guess ipod bracelets. and this is a cool toy. >> yep, you can printout your kids' toys at home. >> these 3-d printers used to be expensive. how does this compare pricing? >> this is around $1,300. it sounds pricey, but compared to professional equipment, far, far less expensive. it's actually affordable for the homeowner, sort of -- >> if you want to make your own iphone case. it will cost you. let's move on over here to the latest from north face. it's the north face powder guide avs vest, for the back country skier, we heard about so much avalanche deaths last year, people skiing in the back country. how does this work, deploy? >> so when avalanches are coming down, it's like liquid and you want to surf above it, stay above the liquid. so this is a vest that you can wear if you're in the back woods and when you pull the handle, it actually deploys like an air
9:48 am
bag. >> lindsey shows how this works, easy. stand back, she is going to deploy. go ahead. >> whoa! that is wild. as quickly as that. >> that could save your life. >> amazing. save your life, exactly. great stuff by north face. okay. over here, i love the sound of this. this is a no-fail camera, from what i understand. if you take pictures and sometimes have those out of focus pictures, this will auto correct? >> that's right. this is a lightro camera, light field camera, captures light from all directions which means you can focus after the fact. i can show with a picture we took earlier. this is of some "today" show mugs, and if you watch, you can actually jump back and forth with the focus, because all of the points have been captured. >> okay. so the camera then -- if you take any picture, and it's out of focus, will it be able to fix any picture? >> if can. because it's literally collecting the information from the furthest point away, all the way in close to the camera. >> wow. so really is a no-fail camera.
9:49 am
>> it is. >> okay. and the future of this technology, where do you see this going? >> one of the interesting things, with this same camera and some software upgrades, they'll be able to do 3-d photography, as well, with just one lens. >> wild. great stuff. over here, this is something that i love to hear. this is the good year air maintenance technology. a tire that self-regulates and maintains its own pressure. >> that's right. u uses the rolling motion in the tire and a little tube as a pump and bursts of air to keep it inflated to the right pressure means you never have to go to the filling station again and fill up your tires. >> a girl's dream right here. okay. and the tire world. over here to the robotic arm. tell me about this technology. this is fantastic. >> so this is a arm that was pioneered at johns hopkins advanced physics -- applied physics lab and it has recently been used to literally tap into the brains of people who are paralyzed. so that they can with their
9:50 am
minds control this hand. >> so -- it's been tested and works? shake my hand, see how good that grip is. wow. >> incredible, right? >> impressive. yeah. this is a life-saver for a lot of people. >> and in the future, they're hoping to put sensors on it so it can communicate feelings back to the brain, as well. >> oh, wow. it is really amazing. glen durene, thank you so much with "popular mechanics." >> thank you. coming up next, a foodie from across the pond is sharing his family recipe for crab cakes. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> he's not cooki
9:51 am
9:52 am
"today's kitchen" brought to you by kraft shreds. make something amazing. >> this morning in "today's kitchen," what's for dinner? how to make crab cakes. tom parker bowles with a fresh family collection of recipes in
9:53 am
"let's eat". the name sounds familiar. son of the duchess of cornwall, camilla parker bowles. >> son of the duchess? hello lovely. i can do a little bit of brit. >> speak in a british accent. >> you do a bronx accent. >> of no way. >> so crab cakes. >> this is a very -- the whole point is simple food. good-tasting food. no monkeying around. no chefg stuff. >> he said monkey but it sounded like mucky. >> worcester sauce. >> you don't want to mix too much. >> the key is lots of crab. i hate lean crab cakes. this is about food that tastes good. >> you're a practical cook. you don't have to have 17 bolts
9:54 am
bowls to make your meal. we like you for that. okay. >> and just dredging it. >> how did you get into cooking? >> greed. pure and simple. >> greed? >> i love eating. >> ooh. >> these are going to cook quickly. >> very quickly. and no point, no filler. >> whoa. >> it's a dish -- >> i know. falling apart. >> we have some of these already made. >> already made. >> there we go, yeah. >> going in like that. >> could use that for crab hash. >> water everywhere. okay. so they're cooking away. >> how long on each side? >> two or three minutes, just brown and golden and glorious and lovely. >> it sounds better when you say it. >> it does. everything sounds better. >> this is good food that tastes good, from thailand, from china, from england, from everywhere. >> hello. >> from all over the world? >> all over -- i'm a food writer, i travel --
9:55 am
>> in notebooks. >> yes, i tested. these recipes work and what don't work. so across here, we have our crab cakes, crab cocktail sauce, tartar sauce. >> come on out and eat them. what are you serving with? >> we have this great british dish. people worry -- >> you're all too polite. come on! what is that? >> cheesy, rich, yummy. >> oh, my goodness. >> this is healthy. the flavors of the south of france. this is food that makes you happy. >> great. tom parker bowles, the recipe on "let's eat," the cookbook. >> marie,
9:56 am
good morning. 9:56. i'm marla tellez. the man accused of killing several people in oakland university is set to go to court today. he is expected to be in court for a pre-trial hearing today.
9:57 am
he was a nursing student at the school when he allegedly opened fire on the classmates and teacher killing seven people. opening statements are set to begin in the trial of giselle esteban. she is accused of killing michelle le in may. prosecutors say she blamed le for wrecking her relationship with a former boyfriend. the trial is expected to last a month. get ready for high temperatures. let's check the forecast with christina. good morning. >> good morning, marla. good morning. it is not even 10:00 a.m. you are turning on the ac in gilroy at 79. 66 in san francisco. it is a spare the air day. look at where we are headed. temperatures will approach the 90-degree mark in oakland. 80 in san francisco. 103 in livermore. temperatures drop off throughout the week. we will hit 84 on thursday.
9:58 am
that is when the heat breaks. by this weekend, we are talking about clouds and showers up in the north bay in addition to the 70s. a lot is happening. let's see what is going on with traffic. we don't get a break with traffic. we are looking at slow south 880. the new sign for the fremont auto mall. we have new tenants. 880 and 680 are slow. an accident coming out of the sunol area. slow northbound, but better north 101. back to you, marla. >> thanks. for the latest traffic and news updates, go to and search for us.
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special college edition of "today" with post-graduate students kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from the campus of the university of tennessee in knoxville, rah-rah sis boom ba. ♪ rocky top will always be ♪ home to me ♪ good old rocky top ♪ rocky top tennessee ♪ ♪ good old rocky top ♪ rocky top tennessee
10:01 am
♪ ♪ ♪ good old rocky top ♪ rocky top tennessee ♪ ♪ good old rocky top ♪ rocky top tennessee ♪ good old rocky top ♪ rocky top tennessee all right! >> all right!
10:02 am
>> go team orange! go team orange! >> hello, everybody! hey, smoky. back off, smoky. it is october 1st, and it is moonshine monday! >> here's the thing. here's the thing. we heard a rumor -- >> yes. >> -- that this was a dry campus. is it? >> but we came anyway. >> we came anyway. here's to you guys and your sweet tea. >> yes, your sweet tea. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow, we've been here only about 12 hours, and i don't feel -- i've never experienced such school spirit, and i like! amazing. >> i've got it tell you, there were people who were camped out here last night. there were people who came at the crack of dawn. >> which means people from the streets of new york. >> college kids. we've seen lots of little
10:03 am
babies. we've seen the older crowd, the moms. >> we had some geriatrics with us, too. whoo! >> we want to thank the band -- the band here is off the hook. i had no idea how good your band was. the cheerleaders. >> the cheerleaders, everybody. >> the pep band, everybody. all right. so we want you guys to know -- we want you guys to realize that it wasn't easy to get this. >> no. >> you guys were up against a bunch of finalists. you guys beat syracuse university. [ cheers and applause ] you guys beat ohio state university. [ cheers and applause ] you guys beat brandeis university. [ cheers and applause ] you guys beat the university of south florida. [ cheers and applause ] and you guys beat creighton
10:04 am
university! [ cheers and applause ] >> those are all great schools, but you guys actually got active and went and voted like you should in november. >> let me tell you something. we've never felt this much love, but there was somebody among you -- >> everyone was so welcoming. >> except one. one among you has not been so welcoming, and i think you guys know who he is. he is your coach, eric dooley. you want to know what coach derek dooley said about kathie lee? why don't we take a listen. >> kathie lee and hoda are coming to visit campus. >> they are? >> bringing the whole "today" show to this campus. what does that mean to you? >> well, i'd probably be more excited if frank gifford was coming to campus, not kathie lee gifford. i'm sure my wife is excited. >> well, well, well. >> he's forgiven. he's the one that wears the orange pants. >> he wears the orange pants.
10:05 am
all right. for those of you who are not familiar with this wonderful campus, we're going to tell you a little bit about it. we are in an area called the hill. >> yes. >> there are more than 21,000 undergrads who go to ut, and most of them are here today. >> yes. the vols is short for volunteers because way back in during a war, your governor was asked to show up with 1,500 volunteers, and 30,000 of you showed up. that's team spirit. >> where he, yes, no kidding. the song of this university is -- ♪ good old rocky top ♪ rocky top tennessee >> i like that. i'm going to say that at home. i'm going to see if frank will go, "whoo!" >> check out our numbers. guess what number kathie lee is
10:06 am
wearing. >> frank gifford's, but it is also peyton manning! >> and -- and guess who i'm wearing? just justin! >> you know what i love about these outfits? >> tell me. >> no speed for spanx! >> yes. we love it. all right. sara, you guys know sara haines who's been hanging with the crowd. she's out in the crowd. she's going to get them all revved up. sara's also been watching -- there have been a lot of great signs. we have been watching your signs. you guys took a lot of time to make beautiful signs. >> you sure did. >> we are going to look at them. we are going to judge them. and the winner is going to get a present. >> a kathie lee pg? >> no, hopefully something else. it's been a long time since we've been to college. but there's lingo that you guys use. and we don't know if this is true lingo. our researchers found it, so maybe it's not.
10:07 am
we don't even know. >> fo sho. >> is that one? do people say that? raise your hand if you've ever said "fo sho." >> i'm just getting used to dirty bit. >> how about this? do you guys ever use legit? thank you, joanne. i'm just checking. >> hella cool. >> or just hella. >> what the hella does that mean? >> no, nobody likes hella. >> i wasn't fond of it. >> how about i'm down? >> i'm down with that. >> not with that, just down. so the only two ones that were right were -- >> what? >> fo sho. not like that. >> and legit. >> and legit. the other ones, not so great. okay. so when we went to college-- >> when we went to college, we dressed a little differently. i was at oral roberts university praising jesus, great school, praising jesus, yes, i was. >> there's the pictures. >> that's what i would have been
10:08 am
wearing. hoda, in what year -- >> i was there from '82 to '86. i went to virginia tech. >> big difference between us, hoda actually graduated. >> i'm a little nervous. we're going to play this game called are you smarter than a college student? >> we'll tell you right now, no, we're not. i couldn't even do my kid's math after fourth grade. it's really sad. >> i hear there are going to be some tri delts playing against us. >> no, the other one. >> that's ki o. so listen. if you guys want to know what was hip back when we were in school, it's just sort of sad. these are the kinds of things that we had. we had a sony old-fashioned walkman. >> walkman. >> what about -- do you have the phone on yours? >> yes, somewhere. oh, look at this. this is how we communicated, with a rotary phone. they're very cool. >> a typewriter.
10:09 am
>> this is how we typed. >> back in the day. >> our backs broke carrying textbooks around. and you don't remember white-out because you just delete everything. is this at all fascinating? >> no, it's boring. here's the thing. you guys can do everything you want on one little device. this iphone. you could do everything that we've done with that whole table. hold on. i want to take a picture. smile. oh, yeah. i can't pay attention. insane. >> and then again, you could just live in complete ignorance like i do and have your flip phone! i love it. by the way, when all all your iphones and blackberrys and things crash, you are more than welcome to borrow my little phone which never crashes. >> so we're going to play a little game. we're going to see how much you guys know about us, okay? sara?
10:10 am
this is called -- what is it, who knew? >> it's who knew? >> all right, go, girl. >> first up we've got carol. i've got a question. you know how this goes, right? okay. how did kathie lee and hoda meet? "a," over drinks? "b," at college? "c," shoe shopping? or "d," at a zumba class? >> over drinks. >> give the woman a prize. >> we knew she was going to get this. she's like our number one fan. >> thank you, sweetie. >> what is the name of kathie lee's smallest dog? "a," chardonnay? "b," hoda? >> that's rude. >> i didn't pick these. "c," bruno, or "d," bambino? >> bambino. >> yes. >> $100 gift card. >> bambino. >> are you ready for this? this one might be a little tricky, but i think you've got this. what's your name? >> donna. >> okay, donna. what size shoe does hoda wear? >> careful! >> "a," 6, "b," 7 1/2?
10:11 am
"c," 9 1/2? or "d," 12? >> careful, girl. >> 9 1/2. >> yea! okay. where's my volleyball people? where did he go? oh, come back here. come back here. okay, our next question is -- oh, what is the name of kathie lee's musical premiere this fall? "a," happy hour, "b," the life and trials of kathie lee and hoda, c, the life and trials of regis and kathy, or d"d"? >> "d." >> thank you, you guys. >> all right, you guys. sara, thank you, honey. >> later on we'll figure out who wins. >> we're going to do it right now. people worked very hard at making their signs, and we have four finalists. we want you to show your signs to the camera. let's look and we're going to examine. this one i hate. >> diane. >> but i love you so much! >> allegedly. >> that's brilliant. >> let's get a shot of it so we
10:12 am
can see. that's hideous. let's move on down here. >> oh, my goodness, i'm so excited, i'm on tv! >> fourth hour fun. finest. >> you could market that, right? >> wacky, white wine, good one. >> nice, nice. >> let's move down to the tooth fairy. >> the tooth fairy. >> show us your sign. then and now. >> oral hygiene, take a picture of me later, you win a 100 bucks if you go to facebook, guys. >> uh-oh. uh-oh. uh-oh. >> okay. >> this one says "show all your vol spirit." isn't that cute? what's your name? >> alex. >> at least i'm not wearing depends. i appreciate that. >> powwow. we have to pick the winner, right? okay. she picked it. i'm protesting. go. >> the hair, diane! oh, look. and you know what you get? you get a pile of kathie lee cds. >> and $100.
10:13 am
>> and $100. you guys, we have a big show. chip moore is going to be talking and performing. ♪ [ female announcer ] dear sweet tooth, i love you.
10:14 am
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has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. ♪
10:16 am
♪ let's go ut hello, we are back for our special edition of "today" here at the campus of the university of tennessee! >> and here's the great news. we have with us country sensation chip moore, his first album "up all night" became the best-selling country debut of 2012. and a little later in the show, you guys, he's going to perform for us "something about a little truck," sold more than 1 million copies. >> hi. >> it's been a humbling experience for me. it's been amazing. >> you were born with a guitar and a dream. you like to surf. you did that for a while and then all of a sudden got serious about your dream, huh? >> i did. i did the bar band scene in georgia for years before i ended up moving to tennessee. when i was living in hawaii was i figured out i wasn't going to be happy unless i was doing music. >> do you guys forgive him, though, that he's from georgia? >> a lot of these girls are
10:17 am
asking one question of kip, the question is is kip moore single? and the answer is? >> right now it's all about music for me, so that's it. >> uh-huh. >> i don't have time right now, you know what i mean? >> if you were looking, what would she look like? >> that changes with the day. >> oh, he's one of them. >> i don't have a certain type. you know what i mean? >> just female. >> what does it feel like to be up there with people like nicki minaj, adele to be in the top ten when you first heard the news about that, what did you think? >> like i said, you know, you write these songs in the dark. you hope that they get out. but then when they finally actually do, and it's like thousands and millions have the album, it's a humbling thing the way people have perceived me. i'm blessed. >> we have a little surprise for you. >> when you made it platinum, there is something that comes with it.
10:18 am
and it is -- >> ooh! >> let's show it to everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> "something about a truck." we'll look forward to that. >> stay with us. >> ambush makeovers. [ male announcer ] playing in the nfl is tough. ♪ doing it with a cold, just not going to happen. vicks dayquil -- powerful non-drowsy 6-symptom cold & flu relief. ♪ no matter what city you're playing tomorrow. [ coughs ] [ male announcer ] you can't let a cold keep you up tonight. ♪ vicks nyquil -- powerful nighttime 6-symptom cold & flu relief. ♪
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10:21 am
♪ ♪ these days are forever and live in the hearts ♪ ♪ viva la company ♪ viva la viva l'amour ♪ viva la company ♪ viva la company >> awesome, guys. >> we are back here on the heart of the campus of beautiful a cappella group called five news. you guys are outstanding. >> hoda and i, we are old and we have no question of ever going back to college, but we sent sara back, right? >> it's been a while even for me, but a girl's go to do what a girl's got to do.
10:22 am
i spent some time again living life up with college kids here on campus. ♪ >> reporter: we're at morrell hall. and i'm ready to get my team of volunteers. aka ut students. i'm hoping they're all awake. if not, mama alarm clock is here. curtis, look who came to see you! okay, are you ready for our big day? >> um, yes. >> this is too tempting not to wake up at least one more person. >> you're late! >> good morning to you. good morning to you. happy day. hey, good morning. so i found my team of ut volunteers. >> i'm taylor. >> i'm kristin. >> i'm curtis. >> i'm laura. >> i'm christina. >> are you guys ready? >> yeah. >> let's do it. you guys, this is so much fun! tennessee!
10:23 am
i love this tour. wait, we can't walk on the field. >> why? >> there's a legend about it. if you walk on it, you won't graduate in four years. >> you're not graduating! there was a time when i played volleyball. this is one stop i insisted they take me to. hi, guys! >> hi! >> welcome to tennessee. >> i'm legit. i've even got a t-shirt. are you guys ready to play? go easy on me a little bit. i'm a little rusty. >> play, play, play! ♪ >> yeah! whoo! >> what's the story here? this looks like a mess. >> the rock is like the only legal place you can do graffiti on campus. >> i have this great idea. let me just tell you about it real quick. ♪
10:24 am
oh, my gosh! it's kathie lee and hoda! yea! as if that needed any explanati explanation. >> hi, sara! >> look at my sign. i got a shout-out. i'm going to let them know. >> this is huge! one, two, three, ut! so this is the goalpost tavern. >> this is definitely the place to be on away game days. it's where everyone goes. >> which is why we're here. >> all right. you ready? >> let's go! >> wait, wait, wait. you've got to change. you can't go in without wearing orange. go ahead. all right. y'all ready? >> thank you so much.
10:25 am
>> i said it's great to be a tennessee volunteer! it's great to be a tennessee vol! >> you do feel young when you're back here, don't you? >> you do. we had a lot of fun. hey, guys. we'll be back. >> kip moore's going to sing. and some tailgating. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful
10:26 am
...but add some ham and cheese ...roll them up in some crescent dough and tada, thursday is now... a ham & cheese crescent roll-up wonder pillsbury crescents, let the making begin. good morning. 10:26. i'm marla tellez. belmont police are looking for witnesses who may know more about a crash and shooting that shutdown highway 101 on sunday afternoon. a red dodge charger was driving south on 101 at 3:30 yesterday
10:27 am
when someone drove up and started shooting. all three were taken to the hospital. investigators met with them last night, but so far they have not released anymore information. stay with us for a look at the forecast and your traffic. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. call at&t now to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price. our newly expanded advanced digital network gives you more of what you enjoy online. and with at&t, our wireless gateway turns your home into a private wi-fi hot spot that connects your wi-fi devices
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10:29 am
it's not any warmer this morning than san francisco than santa cruz. temperatures close to 80 degrees. it is not even 11:00 a.m. we are heading toward the century mark. you want to stay inside if you have asthma or respiratory issues. much cooler by the end of the week. we will have the forecast at 11:00. mike. good news. the bay bridge with light volume. the bad news? the folks held up on the east shore freeway approaching university jammed behind another accident in the commute. we have recovery here, but slowing again south into hayward at 880. causing back up. now north 101 with a smooth drive. starting to bog down at 880. marla, back to you. thank you. we will have more of the top stories coming up at 11:00.
10:30 am
jon kelley and i will see you. ♪ ♪ let's go ut we are having a ball here at the university of tennessee-knoxville. we have a very special guest present. >> it's funny, when this woman stepped up on our stage, the entire crowd exploded. and her name is pat summitt! >> best female coach ever in history. >> it is a treat to have you, pat. we're so glad you're here with us. >> i'm glad to be here. >> as you know, she stepped down last year. i know you can't hear us, but we're glad you came to see us, so thank you. >> thank y'all for being here. this is awesome.
10:31 am
>> all right, gang. >> our makeover team here not to do over any students because y'all are perfect. >> we thought maybe a few professors could use a little handiwork. how did you guys feel about tracking down the teachers? >> we found two rock star professors. these ladies, they're great. you can tell the students love them. and i think they were picked by the students. and they are just perfect makeovers. >> first up, miss tracy copeland, she's turning 48 on wednesday. >> she's a baby. >> she's been teacher theater at ut for the past seven years. her entire wardrobe consists of dress-up sweats or dress-down sweats. and she wants to update her look. let's take a listen. >> i know we're very excited! why do you want this for her? >> because she's an amazing teacher. she's a wonderful mother of two young babies. she spends so much time in the theater, 12 hours. i know i was with her.
10:32 am
and it's just amazing. and i want the world to see how beautiful she is. >> oh, how nice is that to hear? >> that is so sweet. it's so wonderful. >> so is this the ultimate 48th birthday gift? >> absolutely! >> oh, my gosh, this is exciting. tracy is here with her husband, james. james, can you wave so we can see you? and her daughters, brooklyn and alex. you guys wave, too. all right, guys, please keep your blindfolds on until i ask you to take them off. here is tracy copeland before. all right, tracy. let's see the new you! ♪ ♪ let's go girls [ cheers and applause ] >> take off your blindfolds. take them off, sara. tracy, are you ready to see yourself? spin right around behind you. >> oh, my god!
10:33 am
>> tracy, you look good. look right at that guy. louis, tell us about the hair. >> obviously, i lightened her hair. this very soft natural color that flatters her complexion. and today bridgette gave her this great haircut, simple, beautiful, easy to maintain whether curly or straight, by the way. >> james, what are you thinking? >> yes! yes! >> in leather. >> every guy likes a little leather, right? >> that's right. >> we liked shopping at talbot's. it was so lovely here in knoxville. and then this great white button-up shirt. the graduates are doing a performance for friday night. now she has her outfit. >> a big round of applause for tracy! [ cheers and applause ] >> our second lady is deb. she's 55 years old. she's been a professor of pediatrics at the college of nursing for the past five years. she has piles of unused gift
10:34 am
cards on her counter because she never chooses to do anything for herself. she was thrilled to be pampered for a change. and let's listen to her story. >> so it's the doctor's turn for a whole new look. i know you really want this for her. tell me why. >> we think she's a great professor. she definitely deserves this and just overall we're excited for her. it's definitely a great opportunity. >> how about this? i know you're still in shock. >> yes, i am, as a matter of fact. but this is such a great opportunity. i'm looking forward to it. i'm in my mid-50s, so having a makeover, whether it's ambush or not, is a welcome change. and so it will be cool. >> all right. she's here with her husband, peter. erica, katherine, paul and son-in-law drew. and some other people. we have no idea who they are. but anyway, let's take one last look at deb and bring out the new deb! ♪
10:35 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> all right. all right, you guys. deb, you want to take a look? >> yes. ah! oh, my word! oh! >> you look good. >> louis. >> the best fashion beauty accessory you have is your smile. they light up rooms. this is, again, haircut, give her simple hair. it's very chic. very stylish. you're beautiful. >> what do y'all think? >> we've been married 25 years. she's beautiful every day. but wow! >> wow! >> you look so great.
10:36 am
>> thanks. >> somebody might get lucky today. >> the outfit is from talbot's. her daughters and i had a consultation before. they said her skirts are always high-wai high-waisted. >> let's bring tracy back out. we're going to answer a question coming up next. are we smarter than a college student? and the answer is -- >> does anybody question that? >> no. ♪ dad: hello ! hi ! hi, pretty ! mom: what's that, rosie ? ♪ you are exactly one of a kind ♪ hi there ! let's learn to clap ! clap, clap yeah ! like that !
10:37 am
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♪ everybody, we're getting ready to play "are you smarter than a college student?" a shout-out to the fans. guys, it is pouring rain. they are out in it. we want to give a shout-out to the fans. so the game is it's us versus team tennessee.
10:41 am
you're going down. >> and we have the lovely britney notta who is going to be our moderator. on the other team is sior laura brooks, marketing major, senior avery howard, majoring in architectural natural resources. >> whatever that is. >> last but not least, student government president -- wow -- adam rotti who is studying political science. >> all right. are you ready? >> question one. >> yes. >> which of the following is not a college mascot? "a," the fighting pickle? "b" -- >> keep going. keep going. >> banana slug, the leafy sea dragons or the trolls? >> go. >> the leafy thing. >> the leafy sea dragon. university of georgia school of the arts. while the trolls are from
10:42 am
trinity college. question two. in the climactic scene in the film "rudy," what football team is notre dame playing when rudy finally gets in the game? university of southern california? georgia tech? university of michigan? or "d," university of tennessee? >> get it right. >> come on, you're on your own. >> michigan. >> not university of michigan. what do you think? >> georgia tech? >> georgia tech. okay. next question. listen up. on the periodic table of elements, the symbols "k" and "h" each stand for what? is it -- >> oh, oh! >> tennessee. >> natural resources. >> helium, carbon and mercury, potassium and hydrogen or krypton and hydrogen? >> potassium and hydrogen. >> it's potassium and hydrogen. all right. next question. >> cheater!
10:43 am
>> next question. the university of tennessee was first founded as blunt college in 1794. >> it was. >> but which college is the oldest college in the united states? is it "a," harvard? "b," college of william & mary? "c," princeton? or "d," brown university? >> we are going with -- princeton! >> not princeton. what do you think? >> william & mary. >> it's not william & mary. it's harvard. >> they missed it, too. >> the author attended the university of tennessee -- >> this is the last question and the tiebreaker. >> and the tiebreaker. you'd better get this. his novel "the road" follows a father and son as they do what, head to the super bowl? flee a post-apocalyptic event, drop the son off at college or start a willie nelson tribute band? >> be careful. >> post-apocalyptic event.
10:44 am
>> all right. congratulations! and you each win a $100 visa gift card. ♪ >> all right. stay with us, everybody. congratulations. [ male announcer ] we got a real mom and the family car to do an experiment. we put a week of her family's smelly stuff all in at once to prove that febreze car vent clips could eliminate the odor. then we brought her family to our test facility to see if it worked. [ woman ] take a deep breath, tell me what you smell. something fresh. a beach. a clean house. my new car. [ woman ] go ahead and take your blindfolds off. oh!! hahahaha!!! look at all this garbage!!! [ male announcer ] febreze car. eliminates odors for continuous freshness, so you can breathe happy. eliminates odors for continuous freshness,
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shout-out to hoda and kathie l lee! shout-out to hoda and kathie lee. from tennessee. shout-out to hoda and kathie l e lee. >> you're looking at very talented steppers. ut has historically black
10:49 am
fraternities and sororities, and that looks like my kind of party. another way to have fun here is tailgating. >> we have found the perfect hosts whose rocky top grillers association was awarded tennessee's tailgater of the year award. >> stop it. how come? >> because we're the best. >> you guys don't mess around. this is isn't hamburgers and hot dogs. tell us what you made. >> this is corn dip. >> what's in it? tell us. >> corn and miracle whip, sour cream and cheese. >> oh, my god. uh-oh, you can't have that. >> great diet. >> it's going to be a long trip home, if you know what i mean. >> uh-oh. >> then we have sausage bundles with homemade apple butter. these are sausage pinwheels, and these are sausage bundles. >> what's the difference? >> these just are sausage biscuits, and these have cream cheese wrapped in them. >> chicken. what's going on with that? how do you make a chicken orange if >> a little catalina dressing.
10:50 am
>> oh! >> you don't need a fork. >> oh, my god. >> no forks. forks are formalities. >> that is so tender. this looks wrong, just wrong. >> what is it? >> seven layer dip. >> what are the layers? >> well, it's bean dip, guacamole, sour cream, olives, cheese, some salsa. >> got my name on it. >> how about the burgers? what makes your burgers unique? >> nothing really. they're just regular oldhamburgers. >> sorry. but then we have jalapeno poppers. >> is there anything without cream cheese? >> it's a staple. >> what are these? >> those are pretzels wrapped in white chocolate. >> that you can have. >> with orange sprinkles. >> who's with us? who's the whole gang? >> this is our crew. >> your crew? >> this is my family and our crew that comes out every week. >> the rocky top grillers association. >> thank you guys so much. >> it's all delicious. coming up, kip moore is going to sing a great song for
10:51 am
us, "something about a truck." first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
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10:54 am
>> announcer: the "toyota concert series on today" brought to you by toyota. >> i toast all of you. >> country star kip moore released his debut album barely six months ago. >> and we're not leaving until he sings it for us! kip moore! ♪ ♪ something about a truck in a farmer's field ♪ ♪ a no trespass sign and got
10:55 am
time to kill ♪ ♪ nobody's gonna get hurt ♪ tell me what's the big deal ♪ there's something about a truck in a farmer's field ♪ ♪ something about beer sitting on ice ♪ ♪ after a long hard day makes it taste just right ♪ ♪ on that dropped tailgate on a summer night ♪ ♪ something about beer sitting on ice ♪ ♪ something about a girl in a red sundress ♪ ♪ with an ice cold beer pressed against her lips ♪ ♪ in that farmer's field will make a boy a mess ♪ ♪ something about a girl in a red sundress ♪ ♪ there's something about a kiss that's gonna lead to more ♪
10:56 am
♪ on that dropped tailgate back behind the corn ♪ ♪ the most natural thing you've ever felt before ♪ ♪ there's something about a kiss that's gonna lead to more ♪ ♪ there's something about a truck in a field ♪ ♪ and a girl in a red sundress ♪ with an ice cold beer to her lips ♪ ♪ begging for another kiss ♪ there's something about you and me and the birds and the bees ♪ ♪ and lord have mercy it's a beautiful thing ♪ ♪ ain't nothing about it luck ♪ something about a truck ♪ something about a creek around 2 a.m. ♪ ♪ after a few of those beers you wanna dive on in ♪ ♪ you don't need no clothes just hang 'em on a limb ♪ ♪ there's something about a creek around 2 a.m. ♪
10:57 am
♪ there's something about a truck in a field ♪ ♪ and a girl in a red sundress with an ice cold beer to her lips ♪ ♪ begging for another kiss ♪ there's something about you and me and the birds and the bees ♪ ♪ and lord have mercy it's a beautiful thing ♪ ♪ ain't nothing about it luck ♪ something about a truck ♪ ain't nothing about it luck ♪ there's something about a truck ♪ what's going on with you? what's going on with you? you, too! you, too! oh! oh! >> thank you! thank you! >> i love you!
10:58 am
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